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  February 2018

Tuesday 20th February ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Peter arrived as planned, but didn't have one part - it is on order and he'll return Friday. With the correct o-ring, everything went together swimmingly so we took "Paws" across to the services berth for fuel and gas, and to give the gearbox a test - no leaks found. Clearing the spilled oil from the bilge (again) caused problems - he eventually left me the pump and went to do another job. By 17:00, there was still oil in there but I called it a day.

17th-19th February ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Pleasant weekend, with both days giving scattered cloud and little wind. Spent the weekend tidying up the entries for crematoria in our Family History project and improving the functionality of its map. Rain overnight into Monday, which continued into the morning. Call from the engineer to ask for postponement of work until Tuesday due weather - agreed. Rain cleared by mid-morning, but remained damp until mid-afternoon. After a few trials, think I've worked out how to improve the maps without having to learn the programming language (at least, it will tide me over for a few years). Will be introduced as we set off for this year's cruise.

Friday 16th February ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Happy New Year to our Chinese readers. Woke to a beautiful morning, with scattered cloud and little wind. Stayed that way all day. Didn't 'feel' too cold - ideal for outside work. Unfortunately, the actual engineering work didn't go too well. Firstly, he couldn't easily get at the gear selector lever because of the air filter mountings. Then he found it difficult to get the air filter casing off to facilitate that access. Finally at the gearbox, the o-ring didn't want to come out. Then the new one wouldn't go in. After four hours (and phoning a friend), he decided that the supplier had given him the wrong o-ring, so job halted till Monday by which time he would have obtained a replacement. No trip out this weekend, so very disappointed.

13th-15th February ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Routine chores/cleaning around the boat. Longer walks to get shopping and more often (since no car). Dull and damp through Tuesday and Wednesday. Torrential rain overnight into Thursday, but lovely day thereafter.

Monday 12th February ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Fortunately, I woke to a beautiful day, although I had to sweep the remains of the snow off the counter to allow access to the engine 'ole. The surveyor and engineer turned up spot on time, but the engineer realised he didn't have the correct tool for the job so that was postponed to Friday. The surveyor was happy with everything except, initially, the bowl on the fuel polisher which he said was plastic and therefore not permitted. Subsequent investigations revealed it complied with ISO 10088 and therefore was OK. With a clean bill of health, I had hoped to get out for a few days, but this will now have to wait until after Friday.

6th-11th February ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

A few lazy small flakes of snow on Tuesday but they never came to anything. Wednesday dawned with wall-to-wall sunshine, but with the marina starting to freeze over (-3°C), although it never got far. E-paperwork for others complete, now planning to have a look at the problem with my maps. Very poor internet signal at the moment. On the way back from shopping on Thursday, the car broke down - will be 21st until garage can look at it! Rain returned for Saturday and overnight, but cleared by Sunday breakfast. Spent Sunday getting ready for BSS survey.

1st-5th February ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

New month, but no new weather! Still cold, with strong winds, sun turning to rain on Saturday. Topped up the coal, kindling, and a few stores. Routine duties around the boat. Trip to chandler for a couple of items. Couple of small jobs completed before the weather turned. Remembered that there was to be a closure at Minworth, so nipped up there in the car to see if I could get some photos .

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