The "Cut"

under construction graphicThis map is under construction. The aim is to provide a map showing all the connected canals in the central England/Wales area (those unconnected to the main cruising area are not included). Throughout, I have attempted to use the original names for canals, with the history leading to their modern names. Clicking on a canal will bring up an information sheet with a brief history. The menu (top left of the window) provides a means of switching the layers on/off (default is canal names on, others off). Other layers include junction names and tracks for "Paws". Clicking on a name will highlight the item and again bring up the info sheet. It is also possible to view this window as a full screen (button top right of the window). Functionality is provided by Google MyMaps©. There is still a lot of work before it is complete, but please browse what is available, and call back for increased information.

green   narrow canal
orange   broad canal
lt blue   non-tidal river
dk blue   tidal river
yellow   derelict/abandoned
or under restoration
lilac   new project


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