This Month's Totals and Average
44.91 miles 12 locks 27.00 hrs 2.11 lmph

  April 2014

Wednesday 30th April ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Adam and Wayne turned up at about 09:15, and spent most of the day fixing the worst of the problems on yesterday's list. They brought the new dining table, and fitted its storage bracket; fitted a replacement sender for the fuel gauge, and calibrated it; cured (we hope) the leak from the shower; and tackled a couple of other smaller items. We agreed that barring more emergency-type problems, the remaining items could wait till we see them again at the Crick Boat Show.

Hopefully free agents now for a little while, we started making some plans to do a bit of cruising!

Tuesday 29th April ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Found a leak at the base of the shower, so called the builder again. He arranged for the lads to attend Wednesday. Consolidated list of outstanding problems made up and sent to Builder for perusal.

Generally spent the day cleaning.

Monday 28th April ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Finally got hold of the builder (found out they had taken the whole week off). Bob was dispatched for the 240v problem, but it took almost all day to locate the fault. He also had a look at a couple of other problems while here, including checking the sender for the fuel gauge and finding it faulty! Beautiful day all day - the sort we bought the boat to enjoy.

Jackie asked if we could move "Paws" a short way up the pontoon to allow another boat in; no rush, so we said we'd do it later (since Bob was working at that point).

Turned "Paws" to allow for easier watering and electric, and re-moored at the other end of the space on the pontoon.

Sunday 27th April ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Slow start; weather overcast, turning to rain later in day. Dossed around, falling asleep during the afternoon. Just one of those days for doing nothing!

Saturday 26th April ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Took a trip into Tamworth centre. Found brilliant "gloryhole" of tool shop (Tamworth's Toolbox) - recommend if anyone in area needs a tool.

Birthday party for Margaret in the evening - great night, very relaxing; made most welcome by the other moorers at the marina.

22nd-25th April ~ Back f'ae the hoose

Hired a van on Tuesday and packed the remaining stuff ready. Drove back south on Wednesday but got little else unpacked after bedding in the piggie and re-building the easychairs. Finished the unpacking Thursday morning, but the 240v socket circuit breaker decided it didn't like getting woken up again, and tripped out. Couldn't get hold of the builders (we later found they were having the whole week off for Easter holiday). Generally dossed around for remainder of day. Friday was much the same!

Easter weekend 19th-21st April ~ A run home

Headed home to pack the remainder of the things we need aboard.

Fri 18th Apr 2014 - Good Friday ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Went for a walk to Ventura Park shopping centre after lunch, then tried to get some more "fixing" done.

Still can't get the TV to talk to the Sat Unit. The calibration of the fuel tank seems not to be possible, having turned the screw nearly 50 times with no change in the "little light" - we'll speak to the builders again next week!

Finally got a rough log on-line - will get more background uploaded when possible.

Thu 17th Apr 2014 ~ Fradley Junction to Fazeley

Slow departure this morning, but continued bound for Fazeley Junction, then turned right onto the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal. Arrived at Fazeley Mill Marina just before lunchtime, to be met by "warden Jackie" who topped up our fuel (143 ltrs put in plus the 40 Bob brought at Tixall totals 183 ltrs, nearly a full tank, which suggests the tank may have been very empty at Tixall. Why, when the engine had only been run for approx 20 hours!). She showed us to our berth and got our shore-power connected. Very peaceful, with very friendly neighbours - think we're going to like it here!

11.11 miles 0 locks 5.78 hrs 1.92 lmph

Wed 16th Apr 2014 ~ Tixall Wide to Fradley Junction (en route to Fazeley)

Left the mooring about 09:00 and returned to Great Haywood Junction where we went to the Canalside Farm Shop  before heading SE towards Fradley Junction. Lovely start to the day, but it clouded over during the morning and the breeze increased.

Excellent lunch at The Wolseley Arms Inn  at Wolseley Bridge. We'll be back there again!

Turned right at Fradley onto Coventry Canal around 17:00, so moored up for the night just after the junction.

13.71 miles 5 locks 6.74 hrs 2.77 lmph

Tue 15th Apr 2014 ~ Aston Marina to Tixall Wide (en route to Fazeley)

Got away for an early start after breakfast. Took "Paws" out the exit and back in the entrance for a photoshoot, then headed off to the southeast towards Great Haywood junction. Bacon butties on the move between Sandon and Weston locks.

Turned right at Great Haywood for a planned early stop at Tixall Wide and a lazy afternoon getting this log up to date. Just got to the mooring and the engine died. This was traced to lack of fuel in the tank. The builder had advised that there was a total of 60 ltrs supplied in the tank (plenty to take us to Fazeley) but the gauge wasn't calibrated and showed full. Bob came out with a further 40 ltrs - our sincere thanks. One supposition is that the supply pipe was placed a long way from the tank bottom by the steelworkers, but another is that the initial amount put in was short of the original 60 ltrs quoted to us. Either way, lesson learned!

8.55 miles 3 locks 4.82 hrs 2.40 lmph

Mon 14th Apr 2014 ~ Aston Marina

Workmen back again at 08:00 to fix the flooring, lighting, cooker etc.

Sun 13th Apr 2014 ~ Day trip

Took "Paws" out for our first trip - headed SE as far as Weston Lock, then winded at Ingestre Winding Hole and returned to the Marina - far enough for a first day, but great to be back afloat again.

No problems during the expedition, for which we were most grateful!

11.54 miles 4 locks 7.22 hrs 2.15 lmph

Sat 12th Apr 2014 ~ Aston Marina

With no workmen to "fall over", we finished clearing the decks of all the stuff we had just dumped.

Fri 11th Apr 2014 ~ Aston Marina

Work continues on fixing the items raised at yesterday's snagging. We start bringing our gear aboard.

First night aboard!

Thu 10th Apr 2014 ~ Aston Marina

Work continues, but we get aboard to start checking her over.

Back to the hotel for the night.

Wed 9th Apr 2014 ~ Aston Marina

Builder takes "Paws" for a trip round the marina as part of the commissioning checks.

Invited aboard for a look round while the workmen continue with checks - she looks great. Can't wait to get aboard and start making it feel like home.

Back to the hotel for the night.

Tue 8th Apr 2014 ~ Aston Marina

Officially launched at 13:15.

Builder's staff continue with post-launch checks. We keep well out of the road!

Back to the hotel for the night.

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