This Month's Totals and Average
0.81 miles 0 locks 0.64 hrs 1.27 lmph

  November 2015

27th-30th November ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Took advantage of the "Black Friday" event at Midland Chandlers  to purchase a full set of batteries while they were on offer. Had been wondering why they weren't holding their charge, and had planned to have Shobnall Marina  look at it when there. Realised that they are only good for around 300 charging cycles (and there are more than 300 days in a year!)

Friday was a better day than forecast - the rain not reaching us until late afternoon. After a cold morning, Saturday turned wet and windy. Sunday saw the arrival of the next 'named' storm, "Clodagh" - wet and very windy, continuing through into Monday. Stayed well tucked up inside!

Monday continued wet and windy, although the temperature has come up a bit again. Batteries delivered, so took "Paws" across to the services berth to collect. Got soaked for my trouble! Extra rehearsal for the choir.

A quiet month overall, mostly due to not wishing to damage the stern-tube more than necessary (so no little trips out during the spells of better weather). Starting to go stir-crazy. Hopefully things will be better during the run up to Christmas, and into the new year. Good note to end the month; saw a kingfisher flying across the marina.

21st-26th November ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Rain late evening and overnight cleared by breakfast Saturday, with day dawning very cold but with a clear blue sky. Sunday and Monday were very cold with occasional squally showers. Mostly cloudy with patches of blue sky.

Tuesday to Thursday were slightly warmer again (Thursday in particular). Scattered showers, but generally not too bad. Had a couple of walks for the exercise, but a generally quiet time.

13th-20th November ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

After a windy and wet night, Friday started quite pleasant. Joined the choir run by the University of the 3rd Age . Couple of slight showers, but generally remained good for the rest of the day.

Saturday started reasonably, so got the routine chores out of the way early. Rain came in by lunchtime, and remained for the rest of the day. Forecast for rain most of the weekend.

Rain cleared overnight so Sunday started windy but dry. The wind died down during the day, but picked up a little again late evening. Monday brought sunny spells and a fairly calm day, sufficient to get a long walk. Cloudy by Tuesday morning, with the threat of another storm ("Barney") on its way. Rain arrived mid-afternoon with increasing wind again. Very uncomfortable evening bounced against the pontoon, but the wind died again in the early hours of Wednesday and the day dawned sunny. Rain and wind returned just after lunch, but not as bad as Tuesday. Thursday was a mixture of showers and sunny periods. Went for a walk as it looked as though it would stay fair for a while - then tipped it down, so I got soaked. Friday was sunny for most of the day, although a lot colder than it has been.

Thursday 12th November ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Day started warm and sunny, but clouded over after lunch, and the wind picked up - our forecast is for high winds and heavy rain (Storm "Abigail"). Took "Paws" for a run to the Junction to get bags of kindling from the sawmill, then "oiled up" and got coal at the marina on the way back. Battened down the hatches!

0.81 miles 0 locks 0.64 hrs 1.27 lmph

8th-11th November ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Remembrance Sunday dawned dull and breezy. Attended the parade at the Fazeley Memorial then repaired to St Paul's Church for their service.

Dull start again on Monday. Fortunately, the rain held off until after the funeral of Ernie Kibble, a member at St Paul's and a fellow BCF  member. Wind increased during afternoon.

Very windy overnight into Tuesday, but easing a little by breakfast. Lovely warm day. Wednesday continued warm and sunny. Routine chores and shopping, generally pottered.

1st-7th November ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Very misty start to month, but this burned away by late-morning. Very nice service at St Paul's, taken by the youth group. Generally pottered for the rest of the day.

Misty again Monday morning, and it just hung there. Tuesday again started misty but cleared by lunchtime, showers setting in by bed-time. Showers continued overnight and through Wednesday morning. Brightened over lunch, but returned to rain by evening. Quiet few days.

Thursday rained most of the day, but cleared just in time for the bonfire at St John's Church. Small 'family' affair, but very well attended.

Rain only in showers on Friday, so got the shopping done dry.

Slight rain remaining at breakfast-time on Saturday, but clearing quickly during the early morning. On the move quickly to get to Normanton (SW of Mansfield) where the AGM for the Boaters Christian Fellowship  was being held at the "Junction 28" Church. Coffee on arrival, then lunch before the meeting. Coffee after the meeting then a praise service before going home. Great day.

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