This Month's Totals and Average
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  March 2016

Laid up at Fazeley Mill Marina

"Paws" has been laid up at base for the whole month. Smokie and I have been home for our daughter's wedding . Whilst home, have also been doing some 'fixing', and changing contracts with our IT and Entertainment suppliers. Virgin announced that they would be removing the webspace entitlement for customers, but not reducing their contract prices. This involves moving our domain supplier and migrating all website files to new servers. End result, we are leaving Virgin!

After the debacle getting home with the bike, I put it in to the garage for the tyre replacement, recall from Honda, and other work necessary for MoT. I was given a quote of £4000 to replace the exhausts! As a result, I have been forced sell it and get a small car - gutted!

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