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  April 2016

Saturday 30th April ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Received phonecall from EE advising they had sorted out their problems and I would be getting the correct services within a few days. Now awaiting notification that router and TV box have arrived at house, and that appropriate connections have been made.

Received phonecall from Pat advising that Smokie had passed on - old age finally caught up with her at 6½ years.

Friday 29th April ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Spent the day generally pottering. Shopping first thing to bring food requirements up to normal, then doing some IT work.

Thursday 28th April ~ Travel South

Having got the ISP and phone sorted, now waiting for the order to release before they can action the TV package. Decided that I really needed to at least check "Paws" was all right, so headed back south, knowing I would need to come north again at some point to complete the job. Set off in my car in brilliant sunshine, but it quickly deteriorated into rain, hail, sleet and snow showers.

"Paws" just as I left her (my pessimism was unfounded this time). All back up and running.


Laid up at Fazeley Mill Marina

The wedding  is now over, and we're now looking forward to getting back to "Paws" and out for our summer cruise this year. Taking slightly longer than expected to tie up the loose ends, but hope to be on our way by the last week of the month. Discussions have crystalised into a plan to head up the T&M all the way to Runcorn; Pat's cousin is to join us for about a week during this segment. Afterwards, we hope to head through Manchester and up into the Peak Forest, before returning via the Macclesfield Canal.

The website move went very well, with only 24 hours downtime - apologies to anyone who couldn't get connected at the start of the month. The transition for telephone, ISP and television contracts has caused large problems, with sales staff not completing orders and missing bits off. This has caused a delay in getting south. Finally got ISP and phone reconnected on 26th but expecting more delay for TV.

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