This Month's Totals and Average
8.03 miles 11 locks 6.56 hrs 2.90 lmph

  November 2016

Tuesday 29th November

Our first grandchild  was born.


Saturday 19th November ~ Travel north

Up promptly and set about shutting "Paws" down. Moderate frost overnight, but shouldn't be a problem by the time I get away. Packed the car, tonneau cover on, electrics off (except the freezer and heating), water off, gas off, all the usual bits and bobs. Got away as expected around 10:30 and headed north. Got about 50 miles up the M6 and was stopped by a very long queue - obviously an accident or similar, but we sat for over an hour, then crawled for another hour. My plans to stop at three places on the way home were cancelled to recover time, and ate lunch in the car whilst stopped in the queue (saved another stop later). Arrived home around 19:00, very tired!

Just waiting now for the call to say the 'wee one' is on the way, but reckon I'll have to stay up here until after Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to seeing the 'wee one'.

Last entry in diary until I return to "Paws" after the birth (probably into the new year). Please come back to follow us on 2017's Big Summer Cruise.

16th-18th November ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Continued with the jobs - Fitted the outside socket for the TV, and finished its cabling. Continued with "tech" circuit cabling. Wednesday evening went to the local branch IWA meeting, as it was a talk about the "Idle Women" of WW2. Friday drove to the National Memorial Arboretum  to place a Cross of Remembrance dedicated to Thomas Aitken Mayer (Pte. 43006, 16th Bn, Highland Lt.Inf.) who died 100 years ago this day at the Somme (he was Pat's 1st cousin, twice removed). Generally prepared "Paws" for me heading home for the birth of our first grand-child.

Tuesday 15th November ~ "Shopping Trip"

Was going to need coal and kindling before the weekend so decided to take "Paws" shopping to give her engine a run. Moved over to the services berth for the coal, then headed out northwards to the Junction. Moored to collect kindling from the sawmill, then headed northwest for Bonehill. Moored again at Sutton Road Bridge and walked to Sainsbury and B&Q. Nice warm morning, although overcast. Had lunch before moving on again.

After lunch, reversed back to the winding hole and turned round to return to base. Just as well I didn't go on to the next winding hole at Tamhorn as a heavy drizzle had started by the time I got back to the marina. Tucked "Paws" up again and pottered for the remainder of the day.

2.70 miles 0 locks 1.74 hrs 1.55 lmph

7th-14th November ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Finally got a start made on actually getting the jobs done. Tunnel light recabled. New horn fitted and connected. Mounting pole for TV aerial attached. Started on cabling for nav-desk and other "tech" items (they had just been added piecemeal to existing circuits - creating complete new circuit). Temperature dropped quickly over the beginning of the week, rain setting in on Wednesday, with heavy showers on Thursday. Attended dedication of new war-memorial plaque at Tamworth Central Methodist church (to replace the one from Victoria Road Church - the two congregations had merged in 1972, but the plaque had been lost). Weather was kind. Saturday attended the Boaters' Christian Fellowship  AGM. Rained most of the day, but great day inside. Lovely day on Sunday for Remembrance Parades (attended Tamworth Central).

3rd-6th November ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Shopping day Thursday - went up to Burton to collect parts from Shobnall, and did food shopping on the way back. Spent the weekend seeing how the parts could be put together to do the job. Final bits turned up by mail over the weekend. Weather gradually getting colder. Weather a mixture of cloud and sun. Occasional scattered showers.

Wednesday 2nd November ~ Bodymoor Heath to Fazeley

What a difference a day makes! Beautiful sunshine this morning, but considerably colder than of late. Had a lazy start, and pottered all morning with emails and other little jobs.

After lunch, set off for home. Descended Lock 9 and found a dredger working in the pound (not aware I had seen a CRT Notice about it). They let me through quickly so no time lost. Descended through Lock 11 and along the last pound. Came up behind a boat that was barely doing 0.5 mph, and had no intention of letting anyone past! The last mile took me 50 minutes. It pulled into our marina in front of me and onto one of the free berths (suggest it may have been a winter moorer, but still can't fathom the slow pace). Took fuel before getting tucked up on our berth.

3.51 miles 3 locks 2.31 hrs 2.82 lmph

Tuesday 1st November ~ Curdworth to Bodymoor Heath (en route to Fazeley)

Misty drizzle greeted me this morning. Cooler and damp. Slow start, but got away before mid-morning. Started down the Curdworth Flight, finding yet again all locks against - very poor road home! Had some assistance down Locks 4 and 5 by the duty CRT Volunteer, and met another boat coming up. Continued down, getting more assistance at Lock 7 from one of the other Volunteers out on painting duty. Had enough by Lock 8 so moored up for the day.

1.82 miles 8 locks 2.50 hrs 3.92 lmph

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