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  February 2017

27th-28th February ~ Fazeley Mill Marina

Spent Monday getting the boat habitable again, and doing shopping. Very heavy downpours interspersed with beautiful warm sunshine. Managed to get the central heating unit removed and still stay dry (we'll see how well it goes back!). Tuesday also stayed mostly dry. Started to strip the heater to see if I could do anything myself, but realised I was out of my depth without professional advice. Started on the other jobs.

Sunday 26th February ~ Return to "Paws"

Finally back aboard - doctor happy for me to monitor my own BP and report back every-so-often. Drive south tiring due heavy rain and strong winds, but got ahead of the rain and unpacked in the dry. Now need to get the outstanding urgent jobs cleared (and Pat's bedroom changed back from being a 'workshop'). She is expecting to return two weeks today (12th March).


1st-25th February ~ At the house

Awaiting clearance from doctor that blood pressure is stabilised. Trips to nurse at surgery every week.

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