This Month's Totals and Average
3.50 miles 0 locks 1.52 hrs 2.30 lmph

  November 2018

Laid up at Kings Bromley Marina

Remaining at the house for Aria's 2nd birthday, for Christmas and Pat's birthday.

Near the end of the month, we heard that the proposed BCF Mission at Northampton has been called off. This makes our plans slightly firmer.


Thursday 15th November ~ Travel North

Moderate fog when the alarm-clock went off, but it cleared after sunrise, and before I was ready to drive. Packed car and bedded "Paws" down for the winter. Got away just after 09:00, headed up the motorway to the house. Mostly sunny day, although it got dull and cloudy late afternoon. Quite a tiring journey with all the roadworks, but safely home by 16:30.

8th-14th November ~ Kings Bromley Marina

Another day of heavy showers on Thursday, with occasional sunny spells. Again, spent pottering with hobbies that have had to take a back seat over the past months with more important things. Now starting to think about the trip back to the house, possibly next week.

Fewer showers Friday, but still damp all day. Took a drive into Handsacre for coffee with the Methodist Church "Place of Welcome" group. Ascertained the details for the Remembrance service on Sunday. Had intended to only stay for one tea, but ended up chatting the whole of the afternoon.

After heavy rain, commencing at dinner-time yesterday and continuing until the early hours of Saturday morning, woke to a beautiful sunny day. Took a drive to Cannock - it was something to do . Showers back again by afternoon, so pottered with routine chores.

Remembrance Day - After a heavy shower as the alarm went off, the weather cleared rapidly. Joined the congregation at Handsacre Methodist Church for their early service, then walked along to the War Memorial for the 11:00 'silence' - a well-attended gathering. The sun had come out and it was a lovely day. Walked along to the RBL Branch clubhouse for tea before driving back to "Paws" for lunch. Quiet afternoon.

Monday was sunny most of the day. Drove down to Atherstone - Fhi had bought some sweets at the "Old Fashioned Sweet Shop", and wanted more. Stopped off at Fazeley Marina to hand in some forgotten keys, but the office had closed early for lunch (I'll try again some other time). Returned via Rugeley to collect parcel.

Nice sunny day, Tuesday. Quiet day pottering, starting to get ready to close boat down for winter - plan to travel Thursday.

Another nice day on Wednesday. Final preparations for heading to the house. Took "Paws" round to the services berth to top up fuel, get gas, and clear the loo before departure (should be able to leave her until mid-Feb).

2nd-7th November ~ Kings Bromley Marina

Back to a nice sunny day again on Friday. Spent the whole day clearing small bits of business/shopping in Armitage, Rugeley, Lichfield and Tamworth. Saved a field mouse (I think) from one of the local cats (until the cat finds it again ). The ducks at Kings Bromley are just as noisy as the ones at Fazeley, with their squawking and boat-cleaning.

Spent all Saturday sourcing and fitting parts to try to alleviate some of the problem with the low quality of mobile signal here. Our mi-fi unit (with external antenna) has a telephone socket (which we've tried before, but it failed because it doesn't 'ring'). I've added an Invoxia Voice Bridge (connects to 'house' phone line and wi-fi) allowing a mobile to use the 'landline' through the wi-fi (like a cordless handset). It will also allow use of landline when the mobile is away from the wi-fi, connecting through the public mobile network (if you have one). Appears to work, but will need a bit more testing. A bright start to the day, but it clouded over after lunch and the wind picked up. Dark early tonight.

Before we moved moorings, I had volunteered to help David at St Pauls prepare for their bonfire evening. Drove down for their service on Sunday (it was Café Church), then to help in the afternoon. We spent 2 hours shifting wood and clearing chippings from the car-park. Misty-drizzle all day.

David said yesterday that he would not need me until light-up time, so spent Monday generally pottering until dinner time. Grounds maintenance have been on-site all day - mowing grass and pressure-washing pontoons (nice to see mooring fees being used to our benefit). Early dinner then drove down to St Pauls to assist with light-up. Great evening (I ended up running the firework display), soup, hotdogs and drinks on offer. After a misty morning, the sun came out mid-afternoon, and the rain forecast for the evening never materialised. A few mist/fog patches as I drove back.

Nice sunny morning on Tuesday so got the shopping done before the forecast break in the weather (rain for the next five days). Pottered with a few jobs in the afternoon.

Rain arrived overnight into Wednesday so settled down after breakfast to a quiet day. Occasional sunny spells in the afternoon, but generally rain with heavy periods.

Thursday 1st November ~ Kings Bromley to Handsacre, and return

Forecast overnight rain did arrive, and continued as showers till well after breakfast. Sun eventually peeked through mid-morning. On the strength of the forecast, decided not to just reverse up but to go as far as Handsacre and wind at the next winding hole. The sun barely managed a few minutes total although it was still quite pleasant.

Turned as planned and returned to the marina, parking up on our berth. Quick bite of lunch then went to the office to check in. Aileen did the honours, and I returned to "Paws" to connect electricity and get properly 'bedded -in'. All appears OK, although the phone signal is very weak. Sun finally got through properly mid-afternoon.

3.50 miles 0 locks 1.52 hrs 2.30 lmph

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