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  January 2019

29th-31st January ~ Kings Bromley Marina

Tuesday, took a drive to Fazeley in the morning for kindling from the sawmill (if I collect when I'm in Fazeley anyway, it is still better value than anything I can get locally). Shopping and haircut. Drive to Rugeley in afternoon for main storing. Cloudy, damp start turned to rain and sleet by mid-afternoon.

After a very cold night, woke Wednesday to find a thin layer of ice on the basin. Lichfield and Tamworth were the order of the day, completing the storing and other jobs. The temperature did climb to 6°C, with a beautiful clear sky, but was set to plummet again overnight.

Coldest night yet into Thursday, down to -5°C at the marina. Basin frozen in the morning, together with a fairly thick mist . Quiet day generally.

Monday 28th January ~ Drive south

Drove back south today to check on "Paws". I had left the central heating on and the fuel level could have been getting low. Got away from the house just after breakfast and travelled back down the M6 to Kings Bromley, arriving mid-afternoon. Good run down, nice and sunny. Nothing found amiss on return (makes a change as almost every time I return, there is something wrong). Heating on, unpacked and settled in for the night.


1st-27th January ~ Laid up at Kings Bromley Marina

New Year celebrations, Pat's birthday, and visits to and from family and friends.

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