This Month's Totals and Average
31.49 miles 9 locks 14.11 hrs 2.87 lmph

  October 2019

25th-31st October ~ Kings Bromley Marina

Friday morning spent shopping and 'doing the necessaries' after the trip out. Dull but dry to start, but the forecast rain arrived late morning. Afternoon spent baking ready for tomorrow.

Early start to drive to Rugby for 09:15. Very wet, and a lot of surface water on the roads - not a pleasant drive. Attended the BCF  AGM. Good business meeting, along with fellowship time over lunch and coffee/tea, and a service to conclude. Drive back was better, with the sun setting over the hills.

Forgot about the clock-change and was up an hour early . Church at Alrewas again, then spent the afternoon playing with the music program.

Very cold overnight - actually got down to 0°C Sunday night. Spent Monday to Thursday with the music program. Decided it was worth it and purchased Notion 6 by PreSonus . Started to convert all my earlier music to a new format - including looking at how I could convert using pdf or a scanner. A trip to Fazeley by car for kindling, haircut, and Sainsbury's. The rain forcast for all day Thursday never materialised, and we have had sunny (although cold) days all week.

Thursday 24th October ~ Streethay to Kings Bromley

A dull, damp morning greeted me today. Got on the go fairly quickly and started the return trip towards Fradley. One or two boats still out (think its half-term at the moment). At Fradley turned left and headed up the locks - all were with me for a change, two with boats just leaving, and Shadehouse with a volunteer on duty. Arriving at Wood End Lock, noted a kingfisher heading south at water level. Clearing Wood End, made a brief stop for lunch, before completing the trip back to base. Had a little drizzle at Wood End and over lunch but it quickly cleared again, turning to a sunny afternoon later on.

5.88 miles 3 locks 2.93 hrs 3.03 lmph

22nd-23rd October ~ Streethay

Beautiful day on Tuesday, as forecast, although you can tell its autumn with the slight chill to the air (even in the sun). Spent the morning changing the maps I created for the BCNS Explorer Cruise to reflect this year's cruises. In the afternoon, I worked on the lack of 'council' tele. Thought it would be a long job, but it turned out to be just a broken cable - easily fixed. The remainder of the afternoon (since I had it) I spent researching software to create sheet-music (and that would act as accompaniment for singing). Found two that seem to fit my bill - will play with the demos over the next few weeks.

The early-morning fog took a long time to clear, but eventually gave way to a partly-cloudy day. Generally pottered, including an initial look at the music software. Sun faded again by late afternoon.

Monday 21st October ~ Kings Bromley to Streethay

With a good week in prospect weatherwise, spent the morning getting in stores and clearing 'necessaries' for a trip out. Let go later than planned and headed towards Fradley. The lovely morning turned cloudy during the afternoon and I was treated to drizzle at Shadehouse Lock. All three locks were against me, but the boat behind kindly closed up for me at each lock. Turned right onto the Coventry Canal and passed through the swingbridge. By this time, the sun was poking through again. Continued an uneventful run down to Streethay, where I winded at the marina entrance and moored at our favoutite spot just as the sun was setting.

5.96 miles 3 locks 2.95 hrs 3.04 lmph

13th-20th October ~ Kings Bromley Marina

Drove to church at Alrewas on Sunday. Raining still. Treated like a long-lost family member. Necessary shopping in the afternoon.

Monday saw a trip to chandlers to replace kettle; its whistler mechanism had broken off over the weekend.

Tuesday and Wednesday were lovely days, if cold. Spent most of the time trying to download and install MS Office onto the new laptop. With the help of the supplier, problem eventually found to be on the MS download page where they had a "known fault" that they were "working on".

All software installations complete by Thursday evening (some have installation CDs at home so will have to wait). Routine chores and shopping during the remainder of Thursday and Friday. Weather still good, but with occasional showers.

Drove up to Brereton Saturday morning for a spell of litter-picking between Brereton to Rugeley with the Lichfield IWA branch and members of a local community project. The party stopped at the Community Hub for coffee and cake after we had finished. Despite the forecast (and rain over breakfast), it became a lovely sunny day, and great to be out for a walk.

Church at Alrewas again on Sunday. Another lovely day. Pottered around.

7th-12th October ~ Kings Bromley Marina

Overnight rain continued into Monday. Collected the parcels, found that one was defective and made the arrangements for return. Spent most of the day getting Windows updates for the new laptop.

Item to replace defective one from yesterday arrived, appears OK. Replacement antenna arrived but didn't correct the problem - only left with the modem now. Windows updates continue.

After a phonecall Wednesday morning to the antenna supplier, I drove to Burton to get it replaced. Once back aboard, tried it out, only to find it didn't help (can only think it must be the modem, which I ordered). Windows updates completed, started on installing software.

The replacement modem arrived so set it up. Initially didn't connect, but eventually did (one problem solved). Software installations continue.

Very heavy rain most of Friday so stayed inside and did more software (a seemingly endless task).

Saturday spent in general chores. Rain showers continue on and off, as they have done most of the week.

Sunday 6th October ~ Rugeley to Kings Bromley

Went up to St Paul's Church for the morning service - remembered by a number of people from our visit earlier in the year. Returned to "Paws" for lunch, then checked the forecast again - sunny this afternoon, rain tomorrow, but wind slightly stronger today. Decided to do it in the dry, so set off. With the wind, I was unable to just reverse back to the nearest winding hole and had to continue through the town, over the aqueduct and wind after that (about an hour added to the journey). Returned back through Rugeley, Armitage and Handsacre without incident and, with a little bit of jiggling, got back onto our berth. Too late to collect the parcels which I had been informed had been delivered, that's for tomorrow.

8.33 miles 0 locks 3.28 hrs 2.54 lmph

Saturday 5th October ~ Kings Bromley to Rugeley

Lovely sunny morning. In an attempt to investigate the lack of internet, I decided to take "Paws" out in the hope of getting a signal (normally, I get a signal by the time I'm clear of the marina. Headed out and turned left. Trundled along as far as Handsacre but still not getting a signal. Decided to continue, resetting the modem every so often in the hope of kick-starting it, noting that by this time I had full-house on signal strength on my 4G phone. Continued on through Armitage and into Rugeley - still no signal, and it was now lunchtime. Stopped at the Leathermill Lane moorings for a bite to eat.

After lunch, switched the sim-card from the modem to my phone and had reasonable signal, two incoming calls proved that. This suggests that the fault lies in the modem or the antenna. Since the modem is fairly new and "lights up" correctly on power, I think the antenna is more likely. Using the modem card in my phone, and tethering my laptop, I caught up with my e-business and ordered a replacement antenna. Everything on hold until it arrives (I'll switch sim-cards once a day to clear emails).

Too late to return to base, so settled in for the night.

5.41 miles 0 locks 2.15 hrs 2.52 lmph

3rd-4th October ~ Kings Bromley Marina

The forecast gales and heavy rain for Thursday didn't materialise. Had a look at the heating system, found I needed 4mm compression couplings so took a trip to chandlers. They didn't have so will need to look elsewhere. Received call from son that they had decided on a middle name, and that Jade Olivia had been duly registered. Some rain overnight.

On a tip from Andy (handiman), I drove into Lichfield for compression couplings for the heater. Unfortunately, couldn't find any couplings, but managed to obtain the olives (old coupling would still do). New heater fitted and run up OK.

Wednesday 2nd October ~ Streethay to Kings Bromley

Rain cleared overnight to give a cold, star-filled sky (it dropped to 3°C). Morning dawned cold but sunny. Got myself organised, then moved off for base. Lovely run to Fradley Junction, with many squirrels playing along the towpath. Passed through the swingbridge and turned left. Ascended Middle and Shadehouse Locks with the assistance of CRT Volunteers, then on the Wood End Lock. Arrived at the marina just before lunch, so once settled back onto our berth had a bite to eat. Dealt with the loo and topped up water, then collected the parcel from the office. A trip into Lichfield allowed collection of the other parcel I was awaiting, then did a shop while in town.

The first parcel was a new tablet, but I won't be able to configure it until I get a better data signal (atrocious today). The other parcel was a replacement heating unit, but I will have to find someone who can fit the correct pipe coupling before I can fit the unit. Oh well, these things are sent to try us .

5.91 miles 3 locks 2.80 hrs 3.18 lmph

Tuesday 1st October ~ Streethay

Yesterday's rain continued as showers into the new month. Although it did fair-up around breakfast, the forecast was for more during the day (but good tomorrow). Decided to stay put, and move on tomorrow.

The forecast was right - the rain came back before lunch and we had heavy showers until late afternoon.

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