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  January 2020

28th-31st January ~ Kings Bromley Marina

Tuesday was spent mainly in getting things back to normal on board - shopping etc. On Wednesday drove down to Streethay Wharf to see if they could fix the bow-thruster (engineer not available, he would ring me back). Engineer called back on Thursday morning, saying that the fuse was incorrect - replacements put on order (we'll see). On Friday morning, topped up the coal supply and cleared the electricity bill at the marina office, then topped up water. Drove to Streethay in the afternoon to collect fuses, then an Amazon parcel on the way back.

A generally quiet week after returning south. Weather had been mostly sunny, although cold at the start of the week, with occasional heavy rain showers. Slight improvement in the temperature later in the week.

Monday 27 January ~ Drive south

Got away from the house fairly promptly, headed back to "Paws". Good run south - mostly sunny, with occasional heavy showers. Arrived aboard late afternoon, checked the boat over (finding nothing new amiss) and unpacked. Clouded over from dinner time, eventually turning to light rain by bedtime.


Laid up at Kings Bromley Marina

Happy New Year to all our readers.

Looking forward to getting back to "Paws" in a couple of weeks, but have medical appointments and a family funeral to attend first. Pat won't be down until into March, until her dancing finishes.

Initial "planning meeting" has committed us to the BCF Mission at Milton Keynes in June. Nothing decided yet about where we will go before that. We will possibly go to Saul Junction for mid-July to attend the boat festival there.

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