This Month's Totals and Average
12.24 miles 6 locks 6.82 hrs 2.67 lmph

  February 2020

24th-29th February ~ Kings Bromley Marina

Monday continued where Sunday left off - wet and windy! Got the MoT for car, but had to return the following day for two new rear tyres and wiper blades (given as advisories). Tuesday to Thursday were similar weatherwise, mostly sunny with occasional heavy showers. Friday turned to more persistant rain. Most of my time spent working on the directory of churches for BCF members (I had volunteered to do some amendments on the database).

17th-23rd February ~ Kings Bromley Marina

A quieter day weatherwise on Monday - mostly sunny but with occasional showers. Took a drive to Tamworth - the roads are still suffering from the after-effects of Storm Dennis; the road from Alrewas to Tamworth was closed (along with a number of others) due to floods, and the A38 between Streethay and Lichfield was closed due to roadworks, turning a 20 minute drive into nearly an hour!

Similar days Tuesday and Wednesday, mostly sunny with scattered showers, some heavy. Caught up with the general 'housekeeping'. Went to the local branch IWA meeting on Wednesday evening where they had a fascinating talk on transitting the Ribble Link and Lancaster canal. With heavy rain mid-morning, I decided not to go to the Tai Chi in the park on Thursday. Intermittent showers and moderate/high winds continued through Friday and Saturday. Booking lodged for the festival at Saul Junction, so will be heading round to Gloucester after the Mission in June ('Plans' page updated).

Very heavy rain again overnight into Sunday, again with higher winds. Cleared for the afternoon, but rain and wind were back again by dinner time.

16th February ~ Kings Bromley Marina

Although I don't think the wind was quite as bad overnight as for Storm Ciara, the rain was considerably heavier. Each time I woke it was battering down on the roof and covers. Was woken at 07:15 by someone ringing a bell and saying the marina was flooding! A break in the rain allowed me and other moorers to get lines slacked off, including those of unattended boats. Shifted the car to a higher parking spot then took photos of the situation . Finally got some breakfast as the rain came back on again. The dinner I was expecting to attend at Amerton Farm was cancelled as they were also flooded. Whilst keeping an eye on the weather and lines, another quiet day.

Despite continuing showers of rain and hail, the remainder of the day was mostly sunny, and the water level had returned to normal by mid-afternoon.

9th-15th February ~ Kings Bromley Marina

Storm Ciara came through on Sunday, with very strong winds and heavy rain Saturday night and Sunday. Horrible conditions here at the marina with the peak of the torrential rain and gales just after lunch. The winds did ease (a little) by dinner time, and the rain became intermittent. Stayed put (and inside), as planned.

After a very sunny morning on Monday, we got snow and thunder for a short period, as well as rain showers, in the afternoon. Another day tucked up in the warm. Forecast better until Wednesday night.

With another lovely sunny morning, I decided I'd take a drive down to Whilton on Tuesday - lovely time going round the country lanes, made a very pleasant trip. (What I actually mean is I missed a turning and ended up on the country lanes to get where I wanted to be!) Dropped into "Bedazzled" for a lengthy chat about lighting, had a walk around the marina chandlery, and had lunch at the Marina Café (great baps as usual). Had a few brief showers of rain and snow, and the wind was picking up on the run home. Cooler by evening.

Beautiful day all day on Wednesday - no rain, wind lighter and a little warmer. Spent the day working on jobs and projects around the boat - fairly successful.

Very heavy rain overnight, but sunny by breakfast. Out promptly for the drive to Stirchley for a Tai Chi session in the park (this is to get info about other classes in the area). Occasional showers, but the sun stayed out for the park session. Quiet afternoon.

Friday was a day for chores. Weather started out nice, but deteriorated mid-afternoon.

Had a bad night overnight into Saturday - tossing around, couldn't sleep - woke feeling lousy. Had a bite of breakfast, and went back to bed. Got up late morning feeling slightly better, and had a very quiet day. Felt considerably better by evening. Storm Dennis was making itself felt by late afternoon, with rain and a rising wind.

Saturday 8th February ~ Streethay to Kings Bromley

After a very wet and windy night, the day dawned calm and partly cloudy. Got on the move promptly to ensure "Paws" was back at base before the foul weather arrived. Headed back towards Fradley Junction. The day got better as the sun came through by late morning. Stopped at the water point before the swingbridge and topped up, walking down to the refuse area while that was happening.

Once ready again, on the move through the swingbridge with the help of another boat's team, then turned left at the junction. Ascended Middle Lock, chatting to passers-by - there were a lot of walkers out today. Ascended Shadehouse, again getting a chat while working, then on to Wood End Lock. Another boat coming down so assisted them, then ascended ourselves. Arrived back at base mid-afternoon before the wind increased too much. Drove out get necessary shopping (so that I didn't have to go out during the worst of the coming storm), then was all 'tucked up' by dinner time.

A lovely run out for the week - just nice to get out of the marina sometimes, even though one doesn't actually go far.

5.89 miles 3 locks 3.17 hrs 2.81 lmph

Friday 7th February ~ Streethay

Decided to take another day outside Kings Orchard, before heading back to base. The forecast poor weather (Storm Ciara) is supposed to arrive on Sunday, so intend to be back tomorrow. Cleared away the stuff that I'd had to move to allow access to the bowthrust, then had a quiet remainder to the day, continuing with the cross-stitch and other ongoing projects. Another lovely sunny day with light airs, but still cold.

4th-5th February ~ Streethay

After a very windy night, up promptly to get the cratch locker cleared for access to the bowthrust. Didn't know whether (due to the wind) I could get "Paws" off the bank or alongside at the Wharf, but awaited their call. Occasional sun in the morning, but the wind continued until well after lunch when it slowly subsided. No call today - we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Wednesday morning dawned with a beautiful sunrise and flat calm. Still no call - nice quiet day working on cross-stitch coasters. A lot more traffic going past today.

Monday 3rd February ~ Kings Bromley to Streethay

Wind was still low so final prep in the morning for a trip out. Early lunch, then let go.

Headed out from the marina and then southeast. Arrived at Wood End Lock to find it full (good start). Descended slowly due to the large leak in the gate paddle on the top gate. Continued on towards Shadehouse Lock, expecting it to be full as I had passed another boat coming up. Unfortunately, it was well down so had to refill it. Realised there was another boat behind me, so drew a paddle for them as I closed up. Did the same again at Middle Lock. I turned right onto the Coventry Canal but he was continuing down so closed the swingbridge as I left. Warm after working the locks with a heavy jacket on, but cooled fairly quickly as the cloud was starting to build. Continued on to Streethay Wharf where I moored to have a word about the bowthrust (they will ring tomorrow). Moved on to our usual mooring outside Kings Orchard Marina, winded ready for a return, then moored for the night. Breeze definitely cool now so closed up and heating on.

5.86 miles 3 locks 3.22 hrs 2.75 lmph

1st-2nd February ~ Kings Bromley Marina

Saturday was a lovely sunny day, but with a strong wind, so not going anywhere today. Checked over and ran the engine ready for a jaunt out at some point - all OK. Put one of the new fuses in the bow thrust unit and tried it out. The blades turned for about 6 seconds (more than it was before), but they then stopped turning whilst the motor continued - oh dear! Will be heading down to Streethay in a few days to see if they can find the problem, but sounds expensive . Cleared the loo and sent a parcel in the afternoon.

The wind had dropped by Sunday morning so took the opportunity to get "Paws" round for fuel. Quiet afternoon. Wind picked up a little again, and the sky clouded over a bit.

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