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  June 2020

Laid up at Kings Bromley Marina

At the house, under lockdown due Covid-19 outbreak.


1 Jun -
CRT permit residential owners to take longer breaks. Leisure owners still cannot stay board overnight! Scotland permitting more movement but still no long-distance travel.
11 Jun -
Received notification through MNA Boat Club of Government guidance for (ostensibly all) private-owner leisure boating to resume, but makes no mention of the "not stay overnight" clause. Nothing yet from CRT.
18 Jun -
Scotland's lockdown review retains 5-mile travel-limit (unless visiting family).
20 Jun -
CRT suggest that if Government allow 'camping' on 4th July (as they have provisionally stated), they could assume that also includes permission to stay overnight on privately-owned boats.
23 Jun -
CRT officially advise that England will lift its restriction on staying overnight on all boats from 4th July. Scotland, as yet, have not removed the 5-mile travel-limit (unless visiting family).
24 Jun -
Scotland announces restriction on moving more than 5 miles for leisure will be lifted on 2nd July. (The final hurdle for us to return is removed)
28 Jun -
Received email from marina saying they will welcome leisure moorers back from 4th Jul.


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