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  November 2020

4th-30th November ~ At the house

English Lockdown has meant I'm home earlier then expected, but would have been north by the end of the month anyway. "Paws" now laid-up for the winter. Hopefully the Covid situation will have eased by the beginning of next season.


Tuesday 3rd November ~ Drive North

Another night of rain and wind, but all clear by breakfast. Remaining rubbish etc cleared out and "Paws" closed up for the winter. By mid-morning, the sun was out and I had a very pleasant drive north. Arrived home late afternoon.

Monday 2nd November ~ Bosworth Marina

Heavy rain and gale-force winds overnight, easing by morning. Turned into a lovely sunny day, although still windy. Fuelled the car ready for tomorrow. Final clearing up and packing ready for travel to the house.

Sunday 1st November ~ Bosworth Marina

BBC News confirmed that the "2nd home" rule is to be reinstated from Thursday. Dropped in online to the service and coffee as usual, then got lunch. Earlier cloud cleared during the morning, although there was still a fairly strong wind.

Had to wait for a boat on the services berth to move before I could go across, but eventually refilled fuel and topped up with gas and coal. Back on our berth to start packing. After discussions with those up north, I plan to travel Tuesday. Late afternoon, clouded over again and occasional showers set in.

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