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  February 2021

At the house

Still at the house awaiting the lifting of the Covid-19 restrictions. At some point during this month, arrangements will have to be made to get fuel and electricity topped up if I can't get south.

16 Feb - Pat & I received our first round of vaccination injections.

18 Feb - Found out through their Facebook page that the Saul Festival has once again been postponed. We'll see what is left once we can actually get moving . With little likelihood of getting south in the next few weeks, phoned the marina and asked them to top up the electricity meter. Now looking at other options for this year - a trip up the Caldon Canal, and down to Oxford and the Thames. Another alternative (if the BCF Mission is postponed) may be to attend a Campaign Rally at Walsall being organised by the BCN Society.

22 Feb - Boris provides "roadmap" to ending Lockdown - release of self-contained accommodation no earlier than 12 April.

23 Feb - Nicola suggests that travel restrictions may be eased around 05 April.

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