This Month's Totals and Average
6.90 miles 0 locks 2.84 hrs 2.43 lmph

  April 2021

Friday 30th April ~ Market Bosworth to Snarestone (short break)

Another beautiful sunny morning if chilly. Final preparations (loo, water, etc.), then let go for a short break away.

Turning left out of the marina, we set off north through the flat farming lands. While the sun was out, it was very pleasant, but during the cloudier periods and occasional light showers it grew quite chilly. Just after midday, we called a halt before Timm's Bridge (56) for lunch and reheat.

Once the heavy shower during lunch abated, continued the trip to Snarestone, passing through the tunnel, and winding at the Head-of-Navigation. Moored just north of Bridge 60. Work in repairing the breach is ongoing, and this is holding up the restoration work. Beautiful end to the afternoon.

This year, we have introduced another means for visitors, both to the website and to the boat, to actually find our location. It uses the what3words  app. (This is available for all platforms, and uses a unique combination of 3 words to specify a 3m square anywhere in the world). We hope this is of use - in your browser, just type followed by the 3 words quoted each day or click on the words (it works best if you then select satellite view).

6.90 miles 0 locks 2.84 hrs 2.43 lmph
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Thursday 29th April ~ Bosworth Marina

Beautiful morning with the sun beaming down. Had two prolonged conversations with Fhi in Italy in an attempt to assist with her Open University course - we think we were successful. Spent the remainder of the day continuing with repairs/cleaning/oddjobs. Quick run to supermarket for stuff I forgot on Tuesday. Hope to get away for a short break tomorrow. Weather was a mixture of sunshine and heavy showers of hail/rain.

Wednesday 28th April ~ Bosworth Marina

The drizzle of yesterday evening turned to intermittant rain overnight, but was dying out by morning. A brisk cold wind had also sprung up.

More clearing up of items left too long without attention (such as deodorising the washing machine). Just about back to normal now.

The sun did get out by mid-afternoon, and the wind had started to abate a little. Forecast for tomorrow is rain .

Had a conversation with Chris Buck about the Mission in June. Although it is going ahead in a cut-down form, we have elected not to go this year, and look forward to the planned full event next year. Our planning for this year can now be taking a stage further.

We were horrified to hear of the death in the course of his work of Clive Porter, who was a Licensing Ranger with CRT. Our thoughts are with his family.

Tuesday 27th April ~ Bosworth Marina

After a great night's sleep, and awakened by a blackbird singing its heart out, I was fresh for a new day. First stop was food shopping. After morning coffee, ran up the engine, but it died through lack of fuel before I could let go! Out with the spare can and a car trip round to the office for 20 litres. Poured this into the tank, then had lunch.

After lunch, took "Paws" across to the service berth and topped up the fuel. Once back on the berth with a full tank, brought paperwork up to date and put all the shopping away. By mid-afternoon, the morning's sunshine had disappeared and a cool breeze had set in with the cloud. Generally pottered for the remainder of the afternoon.

Monday 26th April ~ Travel South

The Scottish border has finally been reopened and we're free to move. I got an early departure from the house for the drive south. Pat is remaining at the house for the moment awaiting our letters with appointments for our 2nd Covid jab, but I need to get the boat checked over and will travel back for the appointment when I receive it.

Good drive down until lunch-stop at Knutsford. Heard 3 two-tone horns passing during lunch, and on returning to the motorway after lunch found a long queue due to an accident (motorcycle versus something). Finally arrived on board too late to get fuelled up so that will have to wait till tomorrow, but no dampness, dry bilges, reasonably warm inside and an engine that ran first turn. Unfortunately, the fridge and the freezer (left on due to the amount of foodstuff I couldn't take on the 6-hour drive and re-freeze or use within a couple of days) were both found to have tripped out - the food was wasted anyway and the insides needed all the mould washing out. Cooker was working, so finally got my dinner at 19:00.

Hopefully things will settle tommorrow. Early to bed!


Still at the House

Restrictions are being lifted slowly, England faster than Scotland. Looking forward to getting back south to "Paws", hopefully by the end of the month.

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