This Month's Totals and Average
6.86 miles 0 locks 2.66 hrs 2.58 lmph

  May 2021

Thursday 13th May ~ Bosworth Marina

Pat got away from the house around 06:30 for her drive south. Boat vacuumed bow-to-stern, refuse/rubbish cleared out, all dishes washed, cooker cleaned, water topped up (no excuse for complaint ). Seals replaced on two of the loo cassettes. Pat arrived 14:20 and did some of her unpacking - I cleared off to my 'room' for the duration! A dull day throughout, with occasional moderate showers.

Wednesday 12th May ~ Bosworth Marina

Other than the ducks having a fight at 03:00, a quiet night. Shopping trips to supermarkets and chandlers took up the whole day (along with a lengthy phonecall from daughter). Mostly sunny, but with occasional heavy showers. Great to have the hatch open till bedtime.

Tuesday 11th May ~ Drive south

Early rise, and early departure for the (belated) return drive to "Paws". Dull when I left, but quickly brightened up to a sunny morning. Light showers around lunchtime turning to very heavy showers for the last hour of drive.

Opened up and unpacked. No nasty surprises awaiting me this time . Fixed a faulty navigation light (I knew about it before going north), and checked for spare loo lip seals which could do with replacing - trip to chandler when out tomorrow. Quiet evening.


7th-10th May ~ At the house

Short stay at the house. 2nd Covid vaccinations on Friday. Emergency repair work on wireless network required replacement part - ordered Saturday, arrived late Sunday, fitted Monday. "Wasted" time used for mapping plans.


Thursday 6th May ~ Drive north

Early rise, and early departure for the drive back to the house. The initial damp dullness cleared quickly and it was sunny for the remainder of the morning. By the time I reached Newcastle, it was dulling again, and the rain/hail had started by Morpeth. Very heavy hail shower (requiring slower driving) came as I passed North Berwick, but it had eased by the time I got to the house mid-afternoon.

2nd-5th May ~ Bosworth Marina

Lovely morning on Sunday, and awake early. As has become normal on Sunday mornings during lockdown, joined the "Live Stream Faith"  broadcast from All Saints Church, followed by the e-coffee morning - seemed funny meeting up with Pat online for coffee! Decided I'd surprise the team at All Saints by turning up in person for their small afternoon communion service and outside service with singing. Had a great time with them, then the drive (1½ hour) back to "Paws" for dinner. The rain managed to just stay off during the outside service, but came on heavy late evening.

Bank Holiday Monday started dull, and by lunchtime had turned to moderate rain. With the plan changed to travelling home on Thursday, I went out for shopping to tide me over. Spent the remainder of the day attempting to set up the revised network (as per discussions with Nick). By evening the wind had picked up - a wild night!

Although the heavy rain had gone and Tuesday dawned sunny, the cold strong wind continued. Completed the cabling work on the network and all functions correctly, so now I just have to hide the cables somewhere. Wind started to drop by bedtime.

A generally quiet day on Wednesday. Packing etc ready for a short period back at the house. Weather was a mixture of sunny spells and cloudy periods, with occasional showers. The wind picked up again mid-afternoon.

Saturday 1st May ~ Snarestone to Market Bosworth (short break)

Exceptionally peaceful night, no background noise at all (almost deafening!). Took my time getting going, just enjoying the sunny morning. On the move by mid-morning, whereupon the clouds started to build. Decided that, instead of stopping for lunch then continuing, I would just make a run for it and get back before the rain came on (it was forecast for later). Arrived back for a late lunch, during which the rain arrived. It did brighten up during the afternoon and I went for a short walk.

Received a call from Pat to say that appointments for our 2nd Covid vaccinations had arrived. I have decided to drive north on Thursday for the appointment Friday, then come south again on Monday, with Pat following on Thursday (after some remedial work is completed on the house roof). I'll have to adjust my shopping plans accordingly - I don't have enough to last, but don't want a lot.

New month - a reminder that this year, we have introduced another means for visitors, both to the website and to the boat, to actually find our location. It uses the what3words  app. (This is available for all platforms, and uses a unique combination of 3 words to specify a 3m square anywhere in the world). We hope this is of use - in your browser, just type followed by the 3 words quoted each day or click on the words (it works best if you then select satellite view).

6.90 miles 0 locks 2.84 hrs 2.43 lmph
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