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  October 2021

16th-19th October ~ Bosworth Marina

Up early on Saturday for the drive to Rugby to attend the BCF  AGM. A nice sunny morning made for a pleasant drive. All-day meeting as usual, incorporating fellowship, worship and short talks along with the business. A chance to meet up with old friends and make new ones. Drove back in the evening as the sun was setting.

By contrast, Sunday dawned wet after heavy rain overnight, continuing through the morning. The rain did cease and the sky brighten during the afternoon. Started the work on this round of checks for the BCF  members' directory of churches (all 1200 need to be checked for changes).

With still no responses to emails, spent Monday trying to find a means of contacting the organisers of the Saul Boat Festival (as I do not have a Facebook account, I cannot interact there, the website advertised on that page returns a server error, the email address I used in 2019 bounces, and there is no quoted email or phone number). Spent some more time on the church directory. Weather not great - damp and dismal .

Tuesday was spent working on e-paperwork - church directory, Pat's dance website, "Paws'" maps etc. After overnight rain, the weather wasn't conducive to doing anything outside.

Friday 15th October ~ Dadlington to Market Bosworth

A lovely sunny morning greeted me today. Up and on the move quickly, heading for the first winding hole (south of Bridge 23). Just approaching Stoke Moorings when a boat pulls off from the moorings on the west side - turned out to be Barrie & Margaret on "Rusalka". Stopped midstream for a lengthy chat. Continued on southwards to Basin Bridge winding hole. Returned northwards heading for base. Approaching Sutton Wharf, a boat was coming the other way, but kindly let me through the bridge at the café - turned out to be "Rusalka" again (we'll have to stop meeting like that ). Completed the journey back to the marina and moored up for a slightly late lunch.

As soon as lunch was over, I took the car to collect the two parcels waiting for me. On return, checked them (correct) and got a Covid test done ready for tomorrow's meeting - negative! Quiet evening.

8.83 miles 0 locks 3.71 hrs 2.38 lmph
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Thursday 14th October ~ Snarestone to Dadlington (another short break)

Up and on the move promptly, headed through the tunnel to the terminus to wind. Had a chat with the skipper of "Dover" who had taken receipt of a butty, "Success". Returned through the tunnel and continued south. Caught up with a slower boat around Congerstone, so moored at Illiffe Bridge 45 for a lunch break (and to let him get ahead). Got a phonecall from Fhi whilst stopped. Once on the move again, continued south, past the marina, the Battlefield Moorings and Sutton Wharf, calling a halt at the same mooring I used last Wednesday.

12.37 miles 0 locks 5.28 hrs 2.34 lmph
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Wednesday 13th October ~ Snarestone (another short break)

After early drizzle, there was some sun during the morning, but rain again was on the horizon by lunchtime. Decided to have a very quiet day on puzzles, PC games and reading. Drizzle returned mid-afternoon so happy to be tucked up inside.

Tuesday 12th October ~ Market Bosworth to Snarestone (another short break)

After yesterday's struggle with the cables, I decided I would take a break before tackling the remainder of the project (getting too old for diy). I had expected another bright day, but the newest forecast said rain from lunchtime. Did a run for essential shopping before lunch then took "Paws" for fuel and gas (had to wait for another boat finishing a pump-out before I could get across).

Once fuelled, I noted there was no change in the clouds so decided I'd risk it and go for another short break. Headed straight out from the service berth, turning left. Wandered northwards through the farmland, both crop and livestock, and passing the edges of the villages of Congerstone and Shackerstone. Initially there are just hedges along the side of the cut, but after Shackerstone it becomes more an avenue of trees. Arrived at Snarestone, following a hire-boat. As it was now nearly 15:30, and the moorings were quite busy on the south side of the tunnel, I elected to take the first available, and moored for the night.

Shortly afterwards, an old working boat, "Dover", moored behind me. During a chat, he said that a friend had warned him not to go through to the terminus as it was full. The forecast rain arrived just after dinner, but didn't last all that long. A very quiet night.

The email I sent to the organisers for Saul Festival has bounced back. Will have to put out more feelers to enable me to get in touch.

6.19 miles 0 locks 2.47 hrs 2.50 lmph
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9th-11th October ~ Bosworth Marina

Beautiful morning, Saturday - warm and sunny, with no wind. Up promptly and went out to collect my parcel, and do food-shopping. After the previous cooler weather, it was a pleasure to have the hatch, sidedoors and ports open with inside temperatures reaching 23°C until dinnertime, no heating used at all, and no lighting required until after dinner. Generally pottered for the afternoon, catching up with e-paperwork, and keeping the mind active with puzzles whilst sat out the back.

Sunday was a little cooler with a light breeze, but still sunny. Long lie, then went up to the village to see if it was market week - unfortunately no. I had heard steam engine whistles during the morning, so walked up to the station in the afternoon. Got a few photos but, since they haven't yet restored their 'box, they are still working "single-engine-in-steam" protocols so long delays between trains. Had a chat on the way back with the team on "Deneb" who were watering. Have noted that the Facebook page for the Saul Boat Festival is saying it is to go ahead in 2022 - will have to get in touch.

The cool but sunny weather continued on Monday. Spent most of the day lying on my side on the deck, feeding cables through the 'skirting board' and removing redundant ones. A second day will be required (at some point) to finish the job, but I've at least proved the problem was a broken cable.

Friday 8th October ~ Dadlington to Market Bosworth via Hinkley

A misty start, today, but the forecast said it would brighten. Notification arrived that my parcel would be delivered early, so changed my plans. Let go and continued southwards for Hinkley. Passed the outskirts of Stoke Golding, and moored just west of Nutts Bridge 16. Went for a short walk to the convenience store for a TV paper, then returned to "Paws" for lunch.

Once finished, I moved forward to the junction with the Arm and winded, returning northwards. Saw a kingfisher near the entrance to Willow Park Marina - had just caught a fish. Waved to Andy & Sue who were at the Sutton Wharf café. Decided that I was just as well going back to base even though it would be a late finish. Got back around 17:30 and settled "Paws" in for a few more days.

Although there was a slight brightening around lunchtime, the sun never got through, the day remaining overcast.

13.70 miles 0 locks 5.86 hrs 2.34 lmph
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Thursday 7th October ~ Dadlington (short break)

A quiet day. Decided I couldn't be bothered moving so did some computer work - factory-reset the modem to clear a fault, sourced parts for the next stage of a project, updated the maps on GPS units.

Although the day was warmer than it has been for some time, the cloud built slowly over the day.

Wednesday 6th October ~ Market Bosworth to Dadlington (short break)

Beautiful start to the day - sun shining, wind reduced. Decided a short trip out was in order. Housekeeping and odd jobs in the morning. Early lunch, then let go for trip away.

Left the marina and headed south, intending to go roughly to Hinkley. Uneventful start, enjoying the sunshine after the recent rain. Approaching Sutton Wharf, I saw an Ashby day-boat on a centreline, but well out from the bank. Approached slowly to see if they needed help. It turned out to be very much more than that (can't give more details than reached local paper ), but an ambulance, police and air-ambulance were all on their way.

Once allowed to go by the police (about 1½ hours after stopping), I moved on to a good spot just east of Shenton Lane Bridge 30 and moored for the night.

4.95 miles 0 locks 2.05 hrs 2.42 lmph
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3rd-5th October ~ Bosworth Marina

A much brighter morning on Sunday, and my car started . Pat would be going past the door of All Saints at Doncaster on her way home, so we decided to give them a surprise, and both drove up. Fantastic service, made so welcome. After the service (and coffee), Pat continued to Catterick to visit Anne & Frank, while I drove back to "Paws" for a late lunch and rearranging the boat for "me". Rain set in shortly after I got back, becoming more heavy into evening.

After stopping over Sunday night at Catterick for the night, Pat continued her trip home, getting in late-afternoon. I looked into a problem Fhi was having with the family tree (solved), then had a chat on the phone. Rain had cleared, but it was cold.

Very wet and windy overnight into Tuesday - the rain had been hammering down on the roof. Dry but cloudy in the morning, so went out shopping, and topped up the car fuel. Generally pottered during the afternoon. More heavy rain in the evening, sufficient that I couldn't hear the TV for its noise.

Saturday 2nd October ~ Bosworth Marina

Pat's car started OK, but mine was flat again. Hurried attampts to find a replacement battery, or someone who would come out and fit one. Internet, for once, not very helpful. Drove to Atherstone for Pat to do a little shopping, and went to KwikFit - they had one . Physically incapable of fitting it due awkwardness of location, but a second call to Britannia saved the day. Pat finished off her packing and preparations to leave.

Drizzle and rain throughout.

Friday 1st October ~ Sketchley to Market Bosworth

A lovely sunny day when we got up. On the move promptly on the last leg back to base, heading northwards past the villages and hamlets (although they rarely actually touch the canal) - initially Hinkley, then Stoke Golding, Dadlington, Sutton Cheney and Shenton. All morning, the cloud had built and it finally shed its load just before lunch; soaked! Lunch on the move whilst stuck behind an old working boat going very slow. Eventually, they let us past, and the sun came out again.

Arrived back at base just on 14:00 to find both cars with flat batteries - so much for the higher-powered solar panels . Britannia Rescue came out without question and started us both (arrived about 16:00). Both cars run for nearly 2 hours, hopefully enough for them to start in the morning. Pat started on her packing.

We've created a plan for a two-week cruise for Fhi when she comes over in November. Plans page updated with route.

10.43 miles 0 locks 4.43 hrs 2.35 lmph
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