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  February 2022

Monday 28th February ~ Bosworth Marina

Up promptly to prepare for the BSS. On checking the engine'ole, I found that there was more water than normal - bilge pump worked on manual, so the float must have jammed. Cleared the excess water, then got ready for the BSS (clearing tools from the battery box cover and removing it etc.). Surveyor attended and did a thorough examination, passing me with only a comment that the (locking) fuel cap stated "Fuel" rather than specifying "Diesel" (nobody could put anything down without the key!).

Once he was away, got a quick bite of lunch then headed to MidChan to get a replacement bilge pump - its getting old and it would be as much trouble to free the float as to replace. Getting back later than expected, and now in the rain, that's a job for tomorrow.

Sunday 27th February ~ Bosworth Marina

Lovely sunny morning, if cold. Decided to drive up to Doncaster and visit our friends at All Saints Church. Beautiful service, and great to meet up again. Was invited back with Margaret for lunch, then sat chatting for the whole afternoon. Great company, great day.

20th-26th February ~ Bosworth Marina

Usual Sunday morning, catching up with the "Live-Stream" service of the previous Tuesday from All Saints Doncaster, then a quiet remainder to the day. Wind picked up again and the rain was back.

Monday and Tuesday were calmer, with less rain. Shopping trip for essentials. Worked on tidying maps (could be a long job, but it will make it easier when I'm mapping out routes).

Stronger winds on Wednesday, but they eased again Thursday. Weather improving, although still cold. Generally pottered for the remainder of the week, topped up coal, wood and gas as necessary, did shopping, and worked on the maps.

13th-19th February ~ Bosworth Marina

Wind and rain back again on Sunday. Quiet day doing very little apart from keeping warm, and a little 'housekeeping'. Trip to Fazeley on Monday for kindling (the sawmill is still the best value in the area). Also got an own-brand item at Sainsbury that has been out of stock at Hinckley for over 2 weeks. Got coal at the marina in the afternoon.

Emailed a request to a local BSS examiner to renew "Paws' " certificate. He responded in the affirmative and a date was agreed of Monday 28th. Wind picked up strongly Wednesday in advance of Storms Dudley and Eunice over the next few days.

Storm Eunice made for an unpleasant day on Friday, with gale-force winds buffeting the boat and heavy rain. Stayed well tucked up inside. Wind eased late afternoon.

After rain in the morning, the weather eased a bit on Saturday. Washing in the morning, then moved "Paws" across to the services berth after lunch for fuel and gas. Timed the squalls wrong and had difficulty getting her alongside, but eventually made it. Surprised (and pleased) to find that the fuel has only gone up 10p/ltr, with current rises I thought it might have gone up more. A shopping trip rounded off the afternoon.

8th-12th February ~ Bosworth Marina

Generally pottered, doing a number of small jobs. Replacement CO alarm arrived from Amazon (ready for fitting before the BSS survey). Preparations made to finish the cabling for the Pi. Engine checked over and run up - all well, although the stern seal could do with replacing shortly. Weather fine, with mostly blue skies and temperatures above expected (one day it was actually above what our daughter was getting in Italy!). This changed on Saturday when the wind rose and it became colder again.

Monday 7th February ~ Bosworth Marina

A quieter night (although cold) heralded blue skies. Did an anti-bacterial clean on the washing machine, then put on a load. Went round the other supermarkets, and did actually manage to get everything that was on my list. Collected a parcel from Amazon. Synchronised the new film data from home onto the Pi, then retuned the satellite to account for BBC3.

Sunday 6th February ~ Bosworth Marina

Very heavy rain overnight, with strong winds. After a long lie, up and "working". Finished the remainder of the unpacking, took on fresh water, recorded and sent the reading for the evening online service at All Saints at Doncaster, then got lunch. After lunch went out shopping, storing up after being away. Amazed at the amount of stuff unavailable - its almost as bad as the first weeks of lockdown! I'll have do the rounds of the other supermarkets tomorrow

Saturday 5th February ~ Travel South

Repair fixed, mail arrived. Got away on time, but had a delay due to an incident on the M90. Called in as planned (but late) at Ikea for something for "Paws". Weather was very poor for the drive down, with heavy rain and a strong squally wind. Eventually arrived about an hour later than planned.

Opened up, got power on and heat on. Checked "Paws" over, finding her in good shape. Dinner and a quiet evening.


At the house

All loose ends tied up except for some awaited mail, and an emergency repair-job up the attic. Will be returning south as soon as those are cleared.

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