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  April 2022

29th-30th April ~ At the House

Bank Holiday weekend, so Ashby Boat Centre closed until Tuesday.

Thursday 28th April ~ At the House

Phonecall from Andy at Ashby Canal Centre to say that "Paws" has been up the slip (making use of a cancellation), the repair has been done and tested, and she's off the slip again - ready for collection. We have agreed that I will travel south Tuesday (after the Bank Holiday).

9th-27th April ~ At the House

Quiet time at home waiting for news of when "Paws" will be ready. Enjoyed time with Fhi, over here on holiday (she flew home to Italy on 20th). Had a visit (16th) from our friends Frank & Anne, in the area from Catterick. Full refund by Kwik-Fit for inferior work (and they seemed genuinely apologetic).

Friday 8th April ~ At the House

Happy Birthday to "Paws", who is 8 years old today.

Plans page 'updated' due postponement of Saul Boat Festival.

1st-7th April ~ At the House

"Paws" is laid up at Ashby Canal Centre awaiting parts for the stern seal. We are both at the house.

Fhi decided to come over from Italy for a 'holiday', so we have extra company during our wait.

Car in for service. Garage found that work carried out three weeks ago by Kwik-Fit was very poor and potentially dangerous. Had to be rectified.

Received word from Andy on Wednesday that he had the parts from TidesMarine. He was still needing a shaft from MidChan and a slot to fit them. He thought it could be about 2 weeks.

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