This Month's Totals and Average
46.71 miles 0 locks 20.79 hrs 2.25 lmph

  May 2022

15th-17th May ~ Bosworth Marina

Sunny start to Sunday, although light showers came in after lunch. Generally pottered for the day on small jobs. Lodged a booking form to attend the IWA Festival of Water at Burton over the August Bank Holiday weekend. The showers became heavy during the evening.

Monday and Tuesday spent in general dusting and vacuuming, loo, water, rubbish, preparing Pat's bed (clearing and remaking), and shopping in preparation for Pat returning on Wednesday. Two sunny days, although we did get a few showers overnight into Monday.

Saturday 14th May ~ Market Bosworth to Carlton Bridge & return

Beautiful morning. Wind had dropped and the sun was out. With Pat's information that she would not be down till Wednesday, I decided to extend my trip by an extra day and go back into the marina this afternoon. RCR had turned up to assist "Martlet" before I let go (broken pump belt). Let go mid-morning and headed north, past the marina entrance to the next winding hole, where there's a mooring I hoped to use for a lunch break. With another boat, I was stuck behind a hire boat who got stuck on the mud several times and was travelling at barely tickover. The boat ahead winded, and I followed suit. I tried to get alongside at the pilings to the north but a lot of dredging is needed on this canal. Eventually gave up and returned to the marina for lunch. By the time I'd got back, there was no sign of "Martlet" who must have winded and headed south.

Took a drive to the garden centres in the afternoon to see if I could find any small pot-hangers to affix to bulkheads - spectacular fail .

1.87 miles 0 locks 1.43 hrs 1.31 lmph
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Friday 13th May ~ Dadlington to Market Bosworth

After pottering for the first part of the morning, got away just after 10:00 and headed back towards base. Passed Sutton Wharf and Shenton, getting back just after 12:00. Approaching the marina, I decided the wind was too strong to put "Paws" on her berth so moored up just south of the water point for lunch.

After lunch, walked into the marina and headed out with the car to Hinckley for emergency stores. No improvement in the wind by mid-afternoon so settled in for the night - the forecast for tomorrow is for less wind.

Spent late-afternoon assisting "Martlet" who had broken down outside the marina.

Phonecall with Pat just before dinner. She advised that although she is still tiring quickly, she expects to travel on Wednesday.

4.93 miles 0 locks 2.08 hrs 2.37 lmph
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Thursday 12th May ~ Stoke Golding to Dadlington, via Hinckley (short break)

With the breeze reduced and the sun out again, time to move on again. On the move promptly, continuing south through Stoke Golding and into Hinckley. There was space at the mooring before Nutt's Bridge 16 so moored up for late cuppie.

Had a chat with a dog-walker, and a catch-up with Fhi in Italy before getting lunch.

After lunch, passed under Nutt's Bridge and winded at the Wharf Arm winding hole. Returned north again, back through Stoke Golding to my favourite mooring at Dadlington, completely empty today.

Reasonably warm while the sun was out, but the slight breeze was still a little chilly.

7.63 miles 0 locks 3.26 hrs 2.34 lmph
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Wednesday 11th May ~ Stoke Golding (short break)

Rain set in overnight, and lasted till mid-afternoon. Stayed put for the day, tucked in sheltering from the rain. Started a matchstick model I was given for my birthday - something I've never tried before, so a new challenge. Rain eventually cleared around 15:00, leaving a sunny evening, but the wind remained brisk.

Tuesday 10th May ~ Snarestone to Stoke Golding (short break)

After overnight showers (and a very vociferous song thrush), the morning started bright but with a cool breeze. Let go and continued north past Gopsall Wharf and through the Snarestone tunnel to the end of current navigation. Both the mooring south of the tunnel and at the wharf were nearly empty. Winded "Paws" and returned south, through the tunnel and past Gopsall Wharf and Shackerstone to Congerstone, where I moored by Bridge 47 for a lunch break.

After lunch, let go and continued south with an increasing wind. Passed through Market Bosworth, and past Shenton and Sutton Wharf (no moorings available), continuing to Dadlington where I had hoped to moor. Unfortunately, the wind made it impossible to get alongside so continued again to the outskirts of Stoke Golding and moored in the shelter of the trees outside Ashby Canal Centre.

14.78 miles 0 locks 6.06 hrs 2.44 lmph
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Monday 9th May ~ Market Bosworth to Snarestone (short break)

Quick visit to Hinkley to collect a parcel and a couple of stores items I forgot, then got ready to move out.

On the moove by 10:30 for a short break until next weekend. Left the marina and headed north in brilliant sunshine. Passed Congerstone and Shackerstone, passing a few boats coming south, although it was generally quiet. By 12:30, I was needing lunch. Found a good piece of piling just south of Bridge 56 so moored up with the intention of continuing after.

By the time I had finished lunch, I had decided that I would just stay put for the rest of the day in the dappled shade of the trees. A quiet afternoon siting out back reading. The cloud slowly built over the afternoon.

4.86 miles 0 locks 1.98 hrs 2.45 lmph
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7th-8th May ~ Bosworth Marina

Quiet day on Saturday, pottering around. Received an email from Margaret at All Saints advising that there are several members who have tested positive. Our prayers are with them for a speedy recovery, but I will not be visiting tomorrow.

Quiet day Sunday, doing not a lot!

Friday 6th May ~ Dadlington to Market Bosworth

Another beautiful morning. Waited till after Pat phoned, to get the result of the telecall with doctor. He has suggested tablets, and to contact again if they don't do the job. He's also advised not to travel until at least Sunday 15th, so I have a further week to myself.

Eventually on the move mid-morning (whilst a load of washing got done), heading back to base - I'm needing the services intended last night and shopping. Passed Sutton Wharf and Shenton. Good run north, and got the best of the day. By the time I arrived, a breeze had picked up, making the berthing a little more difficult, and cloud covered most of the sky.

Having moored up, got my lunch, then set to getting the loo, water and rubbish cleared, before heading out to Hinckley for stores.

Rain had set in by dinnertime, lasting into the night.

4.99 miles 0 locks 2.14 hrs 2.34 lmph
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Thursday 5th May ~ Stoke Golding to Dadlington, via Hinckley

A lovely sunny morning, one that stayed that way for the whole day.

Received a text from Pat to say she had tested positive for Covid, so is resting up until she gets a negative result. She is due to speak to the doctor tomorrow morning anyway.

On the move by 10:00, heading to Hinckley for a wee jaunt, with the intention of stopping for a lunch break at the moorings just west of the basin. Unfortunately, it was packed full, so I just winded and returned towards Sutton Cheney. Stopped for lunch just west of the (old) location of Bridge 18.

After lunch, continued towards Sutton Cheney with the intention of getting services, then finding a mooring. Unfortunately, "Paws" and another boat became stuck behind a slow-coach (barely going over tickover even if there were no moored boats). I gave up after Dadlington, and moored at a place I have used before, west of Bridge 31. There were no other boats in sight.

Spent an hour trying to reset my modem which had taken a daft turn, then settled in for a quiet evening.

7.65 miles 0 locks 3.83 hrs 1.99 lmph
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Wednesday 4th May ~ Stoke Golding

Rain overnight continued until after breakfast. Drove into Hinckley for sufficient stores to last till the weekend, and returned to "Paws". I then took the car up to Bosworth Marina and got a taxi back, relocating the vehicle to our base.

After lunch, I had intended to go for a jaunt down to Hinckley, but the rain was back on again so stayed put. Noted a water vole purposefully paddling its way along next to the bank.

Tuesday 3rd May ~ Travel South ∓ move to berth outside Ashby Canal Centre

Up early and on the move by 06:30, away from the house for 07:30. A damp start to the drive, clearing slightly by the time I reached Stoke Golding. Congestion between Inverkeithing and Straiton, then roadworks, delayed me slightly, arriving at 15:00. Found Tim and got the keys, and they brought "Paws" to the slip from the lay-by berth. Had a long chat with Tim & Ali from "Caretta" before getting the car unpacked.

Once ready, wound up the "elastic band" and moved "Paws" to a berth just outside the marina. Unpacked the bags and got dinner, before a quiet remainder to the evening.


1st-2nd May ~ At the House

Kicking my heels over the Bank Holiday weekend. "Paws" is now ready for collection but Ashby Canal Centre is closed for the holiday. We have agreed pickup on Tuesday.

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