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  October 2022

19th-31st October ~ At the house

Attending to Covid and flu boosters and other medical appointments.


Tuesday 18th October ~ Drive north

Early rise to a foggy morning. Finished packing the car and closed "Paws" down for the winter. Got away mid-morning. The fog cleared late morning to give a sunny drive north with few problems. Arrived at the house late afternoon.

15th-17th October ~ Bosworth Marina

Saturday was the AGM for BCF . Drove to Rugby to attend. Lovely sunny day, but turned to heavy rain in the evening.

Drove to Alrewas again on Sunday for their Communion service. Made a start in the afternoon to getting ready for the trip home. Sunshine throughout the day turned to heavy showers during the evening.

After the heavy rain overnight, Monday started sunny again, but with a slight breeze. Spent the day packing and clearing up ready for heading north tomorrow. Took "Paws" across to the fuel berth for a 'drink'.

8th-14th October ~ Bosworth Marina

Drove out to Alrewas for their morning service for "Prisons Sunday", which included a short talk on the work of PACT (Prison Advice and Care Trust).

Heavy rain overnight into Monday, but sunny again by breakfast. All services covered during the day, with a trip shopping in the afternoon.

Sunny day Tuesday, generally pottered.

Drove to Whilton again on Wednesday as they had obtained an out-of-stock item from last week. Repair carried out in the afternoon.

Another pottering day on Thursday. Weather great, shame about the water-depth or I would have been out these past few days.

Final shopping before going home (and a busy weekend), also collected coal for when I return. Initial rain cleared by lunchtime, then returned, heavy, for evening aand overnight.

1st-7th October ~ Bosworth Marina

A beautiful sunny day to start the month - warm but with a moderate wind. Generally pottered, clearing all the services at some point during the day.

Up early on Sunday, taking a drive up to Doncaster to visit our friends at All Saints Church. Rev.Stephen is still on part-time after his illness and Liz and Sal took the service between them. Had a great time catching up over coffee after the service, then drove back to "Paws".

Dropped in to the on-line 'coffee' at All Saints on Tuesday morning (Pat was also on, from the house). Collected coal from the marina office. After a sunny start, the weather turned downhill, with a rising wind and threatening rain.

A windy day on Wednesday, overcast with drizzle and short showers of heavy rain. Took a drive down to Whilton Marina for chandlery, and to Fazeley sawmill for kindling. Rain cleared late afternoon to a sunny evening.

Lovely sunny day all day Thursday. Drove to Mid Chan for items not available yesterday at Whilton.

Friday started sunny and warm, but quite windy. Did a shopping run in the morning. Pat is off to Aberfeldy for a week tomorrow, and hasn't been able to get hold of the doctors for a new meds script for me. Alternative arrangements to be made.

I'm not happy about going around on the very shallow Ashby Canal at the moment (I'd normally have been out and about in this good weather). I have therefore decided that I'll go to the house early this year (Tuesday 18th). I can get my Covid and flu boosters as per appointment (rather than changing it again), get my meds script more easily, and hopefully there will have been enough rain by the time I return after the new year.

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