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  January 2023

30th-31st January ~ Car trip to Devon

Headed south to Seaton on Monday. Had booked into the Premier Inn on the Esplanade. A lovely run south, sunny, if a little windy. Roads moderately quiet. Arrived mid-afternoon, got checked in, then went for quiet walk along the front. Attempted to contact Di, but she was out.

Tuesday dawned damp and dismal. Joined Di at her house mid-morning for a chat, then were also joined by Stuart & Amy with Mia & Sasha and Jon & Mel with Holly, Emma & Tom (from Belstone), and Dave from Twyford (bringing Mark who had flown in from San Francisco). After a short catchup, we left in convoy with the hearse for the crematorium, joining Zoe & Jyoti and Rupert (who had flown in from Mexico) and Nic & Lucy from Twyford. A great sendoff for Roger, and the sun came out over lunch to brighten the day. Afterwards, we all returned to Seaton for a chat over sandwiches and tea at Axe Cliff Golf Club, a regular haunt of Roger's. Late afternoon, the family retired to Di's house for our goodbyes, other parts of the family heading home westwards, me to the hotel.


Sunday 29th January ~ Bosworth Marina

Church at Alrewas as usual - had been asked if I would take the reading. Returned to "Paws" for lunch, then did my preparations for my trip to Devon for the funeral. Quiet remainder to the day.

Saturday 28th January ~ Bosworth Marina

Weather mostly cloudy, but no wind and temperatures 'acceptable'. Had a quiet day working on the genealogy (very profitable).

Friday 27th January ~ Bosworth Marina

Fire-bricks fitted in the morning, followed by routine cleaning inside. Another afternoon working on the genealogy using the resources from .

Thursday 26th January ~ Bosworth Marina

Collected the fire-brick parcel in Ibstock. Obtained more coal at the marina office. Spent the remainder of the day working on genealogy - a good day's work.

Wednesday 25th January ~ Bosworth Marina

Warmer today, but with mist and light rain. Out to collect a few odds & ends in the morning, then spent the afternoon working on genealogy.

Tuesday 24th January ~ Bosworth Marina

Further tests on the gas probem now suggest it is a defective bottle valve unit. Will continue using the 2nd bottle until convenient to swap out the defective one. Stripped down the stove for routine cleaning, and swept the flue - found one of the fire-bricks was cracked. Replacements put on order from manufacturer.

Communication received from a friend of my cousin in America - my cousin passed away just before Christmas (delay in getting the news was due to no other family out there and the friend only found a letter from us a couple of days ago).

After a week of wall-2-wall sunshine, fog rolled in late afternoon.

Monday 23rd January ~ Bosworth Marina

The gas problems continue. Did a "bubble-test" with soapy water and confirmed a leak at one of the bottle connections. Took another trip to Midland Chandlers are bought slightly longer pigtails - I have thought for some time that they may be getting bent too much. Fitted them and, whilst the bends have been eased, the problem is still there. More checks to do. Kindling still not available at my usual supplier so purchased elsewhere.

Sunday 22nd January ~ Bosworth Marina

Usual trip to Alrewas for church. It turned out to be a joint Communion Service with All Saints and the churches at Fradley and Wychnor to mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. It also took in the Methodist Covenant Service, and was followed by a bring-and-share lunch. Continued chatting afterwards, and got back to "Paws" mid-afternoon.

Saturday 21st January ~ Bosworth Marina

Went to Morrison's for a few essentials and fuel for the car. Noted they had a supply of gas cylinders, so purchased, and noted a backup source for future reference. Quiet afternoon.

Friday 20th January ~ Bosworth Marina

A quiet day planned, but it didn't happen! Worked on the online maps in the morning, and organised my trip to Devon for the funeral. When I went to cook my lunch, I was out of gas (?). Changed the cylinders over and thought I could hear a leak at the connection. Went to the marina office for replacement pigtails - they had none - another run to Midland Chandlers. Got the parts there and fitted them; will have to keep an eye on it for a few days. The marina had said the one I got on Wednesday was their last of my size so another source is needed.

Thursday 19th January ~ Bosworth Marina

An abortive shopping trip to Fazeley for kindling (the sawmill had none) - will have to try again. Went out in the afternoon for coal from the marina, and for a few items in town. Spent the remainder of the day working on the map for this year's cruise (more to do).

Wednesday 18th January ~ Bosworth Marina

In the morning, drove up to Midland Chandlers at Willington for replacement mooring ropes. Fitted them in the afternoon, along with getting a new gas bottle, and decanting my spare can of fuel (to keep it circulated). Absolutely frozen by mid-afternoon so gave up and went inside for a heat.

Tuesday 17th January ~ Bosworth Marina

Slept in after a great night's sleep. Noted an overnight outside temperature of -7°C, and woke to an inside temp of 8°C! Food shopping in the morning to get the means to feed. The afternoon was spent unpacking and getting the boat back to normal living. Heating and stove on most of the day to get some heat back into the boat and drive out some of the damp feeling.

Monday 16th January ~ Travel South

Up early and on the move by 06:00, away from the house for 06:45. Not a particularly pleasant drive, with snow and slush remains on the A702 and low sun right ahead. Arrived at "Paws" around 14:30 and immediately set to finding the problem with the shore power. It turned out to be an easy fix - the insides of the plug had sprung apart and a wire had broken off. Opening the plug, reconnecting the wire, refitting the plug properly and testing fixed it. The batteries had been drained to 8 volt so got the engine on, and all appears OK.

Early night after a heavy day.


1st-15th January ~ At the house

Fhi still with us at the beginning of the month, but headed back to Italy on 10th.

Had a phonecall at home from the marina to say that one of my ropes had broken. Asked if they needed me, they said they were happy with the current situation. I plan to head back to "Paws" shortly.

I also had a phonecall to say that a cousin in Devon had passed away. If I can, I will travel to attend the funeral.

Word reached us over the weekend that the IWA Festival this year is to be at Pelsall over the usual August Bank Holiday, and that the Brownhills Festival is to be the previous wekkend. Booking forms lodged for both .

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