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  February 2023

26th-28th February ~ Bosworth Marina

Once again, usual trip to Alrewas - 1st Sunday of Lent. Routine boat chores in the afternoon - loo, water, ash, rubbish. Monday was shopping day this week - collected a parcel as well - followed by topping up coal and gas. Chilly wind still blowing from the north, with occasional showers and drizzle.

18th-25th February ~ Bosworth Marina

Saturday was a dull day, spent on the genealogy project - a lot of useful information coming from my subscription to MyHeritage . A wild night overnight into Sunday, but a nice sunny morning with little wind by breakfast. Regular trip to Alrewas, then an afternoon measuring batteries and getting details, topping up water, dumping rubbish and other routine chores.

Monday dawned a beautiful sunny day and remained warm throughout; felt like spring, with birds singing, but suspect it may be a false promise. A day of routine chores around the boat, cleaning etc. Placed the order for the batteries. Shopping day on Tuesday. Overnight rain cleared slowly during Wednesday morning, giving a sunny afternoon. Friday took the car for MoT in Tamworth - passed (very happy after last year's fiasco).

My thoughts on spring were right - a chilly wind had risen by Saturday morning. It remained chilly and overcast all day. Long chat with Fhi in the morning, and genealogy in the afternoon.

10th-17th February ~ Bosworth Marina

A quiet week. Weather too wet, too cold or too windy to work outside (and no enthusiasm). Generally pottered, working on genealogy, reading or doing craftwork. My normal visit to Alrewas on Sunday morning. Took "Paws" across to the fuel berth for a drink on Thursday - got coal at the same time. Friday was very windy as the fringes of Storm Otto passed over.

2nd-9th February ~ Bosworth Marina

Out by car Thursday to collect mail at Barwell Post Office (very helpful), then on to ASDA with the script for my meds. Continued on into Hinckley to top up the stores after being away. Spent the afternoon working on the map of this year's plans.

A quick trip out on Friday morning to collect my meds, then collected coal from the marina office on the way back. After lunch, stowed the coal and topped up the water. Completed the map for our tentative plans (they could yet change though). Wind decreased, but a dull day.

A dull and damp day throughout Saturday. Chores round the boat in the morning, then craft and genealogy in the afternoon.

The sun returned on Sunday morning, but it brought more cold weather. My usual run to Alrewas for church - Communion this week, for Candlemas.

A cold night into Monday, then more sunny but chilly days. Generally pottered, reading and craftwork.

Tried to drop in on the e-coffee chat with All Saints, Doncaster, but couldn't get a connection. I'll try again next month.

Wednesday was shopping day - food shopping in Hinckley in the morning, then kindling and coal locally in the afternoon.


Wednesday 1st February ~ Return from Devon

Wednesday dawned bright and sunny. Took my time getting on the move, but was packed, checked out and heading back to "Paws" by 09:30. Reasonable drive north, although the traffic was heavier than on the run south. It had clouded over by the time I got back aboard mid-afternoon.

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