This Month's Totals and Average
31.60 miles 0 locks 14.37 hrs 2.20 lmph

  October 2023

Tuesday 31st October ~ Snarestone to Sutton Cheney (short break)

The owls from yesterday evening were calling to each other throughout the night, as late as 06:00 this morning.

A damp and dull morning, but one which looked promising. Got on the move just after 09:00 and returned southwards. Got a brief glimpse of a kingfisher at the north end of Shackerstone. Continued south, but getting cold and a misty drizzle had started. Moored outside the marina for a heat and some lunch. A couple of heavy showers over lunch.

By the time I'd finished lunch, the sun was peeping through so made the decision to go on (rather than give up and go back in). Let go and continued southwards past Shenton to Sutton Cheney. Moored at the visitor mooring, but noting that there would be disruption tomorrow as repair work was to be carried out.

Got caught up again with the diary. Had a chat with fellow Bosworth moorers Andrew & Elaine on "Ayma" (they were heading back before any poor weather).

9.71 miles 0 locks 4.30 hrs 2.26 lmph
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Monday 30th October ~ Market Bosworth to Snarestone (short break)

Monday morning dawned bright and sunny. Decided it was time for another trip out. Cleared the loo and got ready to leave. Got away just on 09:30 and headed out, turning north this time. As I approached the marina entrance, an Ashby Hire boat passed so I tucked in behind. They were dawdling, but was definitely a day for only pootling along. Said a brief 'hello' to Derek & Ann on "Ursinity" as they passed, headed for base for medical appointments. Continued northwards through the farmland and past Congerstone and Shackerstone. Noted the farmers getting the fields ploughed ready for fertilisation. Clearing the tunnel, the hire boat took the last mooring at the terminus, so I winded and returned through the tunnel, mooring about half-way between the tunnel and the old railway bridge.

After a late lunch, I cleared up the outstanding dishes, did some preparatory cooking, then got the diary done. Unfortunately, the beautiful morning had turned to a grey afternoon with occasional moderate showers (so no benefit from the solar panels). With the clocks having gone back over the weekend, and the cloud cover, it was dark early. Unfortunately, the internet signal was so bad that uploading had to wait until Tuesday. Heard tawny owls calling as early as 17:00.

7.73 miles 0 locks 3.67 hrs 2.11 lmph
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25th-29th October ~ Bosworth Marina

Took a trip to Halfords on Wednesday morning to collect the dash-cam package I'd ordered, but didn't start any installation. Was out in the afternoon to a concert at Alrewas Chapel, put on by their relief organist and some of his friends - brilliant hour listening to organ, piano, organ/piano duet, quartet a capella, accompanied solo and duet songs, acoustic guitar, and accompanied violin, with a range of musical styles including folk and barber's shop.

Thursday started fine but with a bit of cloud. Spent the morning doing a batch of clearing up. By the time I had finished lunch, it had turned into a lovely sunny afternoon, so used that to get the wiring for the new dash-cam installed (required car doors open for a protracted time). Once 'safe', I continued with the device setup on board using the laptop. Just the final fixings to do tomorrow if fine. We had a heavy shower in the evening but it was only a short one.

A very misty and damp start to Friday. Had a protracted telephone catch-up with Fhi in Italy during the morning. After lunch, went out for the shopping for over the weekend. By the time I got back, it had cleared to a pleasant bright afternoon, so did the final fixings and aligning of the dash-cams.

Saturday was fair and mostly sunny throughout. Spent the day catching up with genealogy data sent from my subscription to MyHeritage  - got part done but a large number of emails still to process from over the summer. Very heavy rain in the evening.

The rain had cleared again by Sunday morning. Went to Alrewas as usual, but taking a packed lunch to eat canalside, then spent the afternoon at the river lock. Only three customers during the time I was there, so a quiet afternoon.

20th-24th October ~ Bosworth Marina

A very wet and windy night as storm Babet came through, but no damage at the boat and all safe. The water level in the canal was about 2 inches above normal. The wind eased slowly over Friday and the rain became lighter and more showery. Had a long lie, then pottered inside for the rest of the day. Not pleasant!

After more rain overnight, Saturday started dry, but light showers returned during the afternoon. Spent the day on e-paperwork.

As the Sunday service at Alrewas was in the afternoon, I took the opportunity to visit Atherstone Trinity Chapel for their morning service. Lunch at Costa  to save going back to the boat, then went on to Alrewas for their service - needed to have a chat with Rev Jo. A lovely sunny day throughout, although coolish.

A generally sunny day all day Monday. Popped out to get more coal, then spent time researching dash-cams for the car on-line.

Went out for stores on Tuesday, dropping into Halfords for more dash-cam info. Collected mail from the PO (which included a new bank card), then updated on-line saved card details - I hope I got them all. Turned "Paws" round on the berth as I realised it may be quieter for our neighbours if the heating exhaust were on the offside (there's nobody on board on that side).

Thursday 19th October ~ Sutton Cheney to Market Bosworth

After a crystal-clear night, with owls calling very close to "Paws" (perched in a tree opposite?), we woke to a bright, fine morning with little wind. Checked the forecast and saw rain coming in later in the day, with heavy rain for tomorrow and Saturday. Decided to head back to base before the storm took hold. On the move quickly and set off northwards, back through the farming countryside. A couple of small blue patches did get through in the sky and the rain stayed off until we were berthed again at base.

After tying up, I got rid of the ash from the stove, topped up the water and cleared the loo. Surprisingly, it turned into a lovely sunny afternoon, with the temperature creeping up to 15°C. The rain didn't arrive until late evening, accompanied by a rising wind.

3.78 miles 0 locks 1.75 hrs 2.16 lmph
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Wednesday 18th October ~ Stoke Golding to Sutton Cheney (short break)

A bright morning, although quite a strong breeze. The forecast suggested rain later in the day, and for the next few days - time to move. Let go and continued south, skirting the village, to the next winding hole and turned. Returned back past the moorings and Dadlington to Sutton Cheney. By this time, it was lunch time so I pulled in at the visitor moorings by the café.

After lunch, I had another look at the weather forecasts - there had been a number of changes in the warnings during the morning. The updates suggested that the rain would clear through by Friday night. The rain set in just after lunch so I decided to stay put and risk it in a few days time.

4.65 miles 0 locks 2.15 hrs 2.16 lmph
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Tuesday 17th October ~ Stoke Golding (short break)

Spent a lovely quiet day at Stoke Golding. Took a walk in the morning up into the village and back. Spent the remainder generally pottering. Wall-to-wall sunshine for the whole day, although the breeze started to pick up after lunch - the start of Storm Babet. I'll see tomorrow morning what the forecast is like for the next few days, then make a decision as to whether I go straight back or ride it out somewhere around Sutton Cheney. Was hailed and got a wave from Paul & Kim on "Somang" but wind prevented them stopping for a chat. Noted "St Brendan" but they didn't see me as they passed.

Monday 16th October ~ Market Bosworth to Stoke Golding (short break)

Mist over the water and a watery sun greeted us this morning. Had a look at the weather forecast and decided to get out. Quick trip by car for stores to tide me through, then let go and headed out of the marina, turning right. Headed south on the now well-ploughed route towards Hinckley. Beautifully quiet although there were a few boats still out-and-about. I intended to stop for lunch at Sutton Cheney, but got there earlier than expected so continued on for Dadlington. Arriving at Dadlington, I found all the moorings crowded so carried on towards Stoke Golding. Finding spaces on the visitor moorings to the north of the town, I stopped for a late lunch, and decided to stay for the night.

5.73 miles 0 locks 2.50 hrs 2.29 lmph
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9th-15th October ~ Bosworth Marina

Another sunny morning on Monday, with only a light breeze. Rang Cello in the morning to try for an answer to the TV not tuning. They supplied a software update which cleared the satellite tuning problem, but could only suggest it was a weaker receiver than the old Enox - try a booster, or take it back to MidChan and see if it tunes there. Elected to go for a booster first so got one organised via Amazon - delivery tomorrow. Did the 9000-hr service on the engine in the afternoon. Also had a look at the car charger to see if I could find a fault - none the wiser. Quiet remainder to the day, tired after the effort.

Pottered over small jobs around the boat on Tuesday morning. Parcel arrived early afternoon with the (Cello) recommended parts for the TV so nipped out and collected them. Tried it out but to no avail - still finding no channels. Another sunny day, but weather supposed to turn rainy tomorrow.

Rain arrived overnight into Wednesday. Cleared to a few showers during the morning, allowing me to go up to MidChan to return TV for refund in relative dry. Rain returned in the afternoon.

A pleasant day with a watery sun and a light breeze, although colder than of late. Had to light the fire for the first time this winter, then get more coal in. Generally lazy day doing hobbies.

Moderate rain overnight into Friday, clearing by after breakfast. It stayed off allowing me a trip out to collect a parcel and have a walk around the shops in Hinckley centre. It came back again over lunch and threw it down all afternoon - a quiet time spent inside!

Saturday started well but relapsed into rain again during the afternoon. Telephone discussions with Sarah and with Rev Dr Robert about a BCF project for next Easter - good responses from both.

Sunday was a beautiful day so decided I'd take "Paws" out for a spin when I got back from chapel. Unfortunately, I was late getting away and, by the time I'd finished lunch, it was really too late to start moving. Hopefully it will still be as good tomorrow and I'll get out for a few days.

2nd-8th October ~ Bosworth Marina

Long lie Monday morning . Went shopping in the morning for missing items, then got the diary and maps back up to date during the afternoon. A generally quiet day. The morning's sun slowly dwindled to a wet afternoon.

Very wet overnight, but it had cleared by Tuesday morning. Routine chores, then joined the Doncaster e-coffee meeting. Took a trip to MidChan in the afternoon for an oil filter ready to do the engine service - traffic very heavy and slow.

A nice sunny day throughout Wednesday. Telephone catch-up with Fhi in Italy in the morning. Relaxing afternoon with PC games and book.

Spent Thursday morning doing e-paperwork, then spent the afternoon researching 12v TVs - the one we've had from build is playing up when doing recordings. Mostly cloudy, with occasional light drizzle and sunny spells.

Friday morning, went back to MidChan to get a replacement TV after it failed again last night. Spent the afternoon trying to tuning it up. Zero signal detected although the same cables will tune the old TV to over 100 channels!

Spent over an hour on the TV again, but to no avail. Contacted MidChan but they can't help. Will have to wait till Monday to contact manufacturers. Quiet remainder to a lovely sunny day. Owls heard calling overnight into Sunday.

Up promptly on Sunday to go to Alrewas chapel. Did some necessary shopping and topped up the fuel in the car on the way back. Although a lovely sunny day, by the time I had finished lunch it was too late to start any jobs so pottered for the remainder of the afternoon.

Sunday 1st October ~ Bosworth Marina

Up at 05:30 for Pat to get on her way north (I had to get up too to let her out the two electric gates). She got away around 06:45. I took a drive to Alrewas for church in the morning, then generally pottered for the remainder of the day, getting things back the way I like them when on my own. Pat got home safely mid-afternoon. Quiet evening for us both (with the Strictly results show . ).

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