This Month's Totals and Average
10.38 miles 0 locks 5.23 hrs 1.98 lmph

  November 2023

15th-30th November ~ At the house

Attending to Covid and flu boosters and other medical appointments. Celebrated Grand-daughter's birthday (29th).

Various DIY jobs and repairs around the house. Work on genealogy project (with faster, more reliable internet).


Tuesday 14th November ~ Drive north

The weather had improved a lot overnight, with no wind and only slight drizzle this morning. Up early, cleared the remaining "debris" and tucked "Paws" up for the winter. On my way north by 07:30. A relatively good run north - no long delays, and only occasional heavy showers. At the house by 16:00.

9th-13th November ~ Bosworth Marina

Thursday was a good day throughout. Generally pottered in the morning, then went out to get a replacement TV (previous replacement had to be returned as it didn't tune - hopefully this one will).

A very foggy start to Friday. Spent the morning initially attempting to tune the new TV, but got the same results as the last time. It then dawned on me that the old TV had a facility to inject a 12v power line up the antenna cable - the new one didn't - could this be why it was failing to tune? Didn't have the parts to do it but managed to locate them and dashed out before lunch. After lunch, tried it out, and 'Bingo' it worked! Spent the remainder of the afternoon re-running cables to accommodate. The foggy start cleared slowly during the morning, turning sunny by afternoon.

After the dashing around of the last two days, I had a quiet day Saturday, doing very little. It was a beautiful sunny day all day, if colder (it had dropped to +2°C overnight).

Sunday was the Remembrance Day service. Drove over to Alrewas to join the parade from the Legion to All Saints then to the Memorial, and return to the Legion. The morning started with continuous drizzle and cold, but the drizzle cleared by the end of the service so it was only the march in that got wet. In the afternoon, started clearing up and doing packing for travelling home on Tuesday.

A very windy morning on Monday - far windier than I had expected. - with occasional heavy showers. Managed to get onto the service berth with the assistance of another moorer, took fuel and topped up electricity. Far easier getting back onto our berth, so "Paws" ready for me going back to the house. Had a brief chat with Caroline & Martin aboard "Sonia Louise" next door - aboard for a week's break. Final packing and I was ready as well.

A very wet and windy evening as Storm Debi went through.

4th-8th November ~ Bosworth Marina

Rain arrived again overnight and continued throughout Saturday. I drove over to Hopwas in the morning for a pre-emptive look round the town before any discussions on Sunday morning. I found that there was a 'coffee morning' on at St Chad's so dropped in. Rev Andrew happened to be threre so we had a good discussion about my Easter project and tentative ideas were laid out. Spent a quiet afternoon reading.

The rain cleared overnight into Sunday. Went to Hopwas Chapel for their service - an opportunity afterwards, over coffee, to discuss the Easter project. Provisional hall booking for Saturday, service agreed, offer of lunch afterwards with congregation (accepted). Late lunch back at "Paws" then essential chores and a quiet remainder to the afternoon.

Monday was a beautiful sunny day until late afternoon when the cloud rolled in and the rain returned. Took a drive to Huddlesford to discuss a party booking for the Easter Cruise, then returned to "Paws" for lunch and e-paperwork.

Another beautiful sunny day on Tuesday, although it clouded again in the afternoon and rain returned. In the morning, I went out for more coal and kindling, then set about routine chores. I had forgotten about our monthly coffee-meet with the team in Doncaster until Fhi texted me 10 mins in to remind me - belatedly joined them with apologies. After lunch, I generally pottered and read.

Wednesday was a mostly sunny day, but with the occasional shower. A very quiet day.

Friday 3rd November ~ Sutton Cheney to Market Bosworth (short break)

As per forecast, the wind and rain from Storm Ciarán had cleared by morning. No rush, so took my time getting going. On the move just after 09:30, retracing the route back to base. Arrived back just before 11:30 and settled "Paws" back in - suspect that might be the last run out for this year, but we'll see after the weekend.

After lunch, went out to get a replacement gas cylinder at the marina office, then to Sainsbury and Lidl for own-brand stuff, and Morrisons for the stuff neither of them had. A lovely day throughout.

3.78 miles 0 locks 1.82 hrs 2.08 lmph
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Thursday 2nd November ~ Sutton Cheney (short break)

After a night of very heavy rain, the morning started fine and bright. Had a short chat with fellow Bosworth moorers Dean & Keeley from Leeds (aboard "The Mole"), who had been moored behind me overnight. They were setting off again for a couple more days before returning to base.

The forecast was for more rain later in the day, and for a better day tomorrow. I decided to go with Plan A, and settled down for a quiet day. A few sunny spells during the morning, and I took a notion to go out for lunch, so walked round to the café for a toastie. The rain arrived over lunch, but I managed to get back dry. Spent the remainder of the day reading and doing puzzles.

The rain and wind continued into the evening and over night.

Wednesday 1st November ~ Sutton Cheney to Stoke Golding and return (short break)

After the usual quiet night at this berth, I was up early in case CRT started their work promptly. I was off the berth by 08:15, and there was no sign of them. A lovely sunny morning, although a little chilly. Headed south for the next winding hole (just south of Stoke Golding) and turned "Paws" ready for the run home. Stopped at the Stoke Golding visitor mooring and walked up to the Asian general store for milk and a TV paper (and a little exercise). The wind was starting to increase in front of storm Ciarán (pronounced keer-on).

Once back aboard, I had lunch and sat reading for a couple of hours before moving on again - didn't want to get back to Sutton Cheney before they had finished their work.

At 14:30, made a move and returned north to the Sutton Cheney visitor moorings - the workers had disappeared, although some work had been done. The sun was getting low in the sky and the wind was still picking up. No sign of the forecast rain yet.

6.60 miles 0 locks 3.42 hrs 1.93 lmph
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