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  January 2024

Wednesday 31st January ~ Bosworth Marina

Very cold overnight and into this morning although it did warm slightly by dinner time. Had a generally quiet day, with a little cleaning and a bit of hobby-work.

Tuesday 30th January ~ Bosworth Marina

A change in the weather, today, with a dull grey sky. Spent the morning in chain emails - with Rev Andrew confirming new arrangements for Good Friday, with Cello Electronics trying (and succeeding) in changing a piece of functionality on the TV - and arranging an RCR engine inspection.

Monday 29th January ~ Bosworth Marina

Slightly warmer, today. Drove out to Huddlesford and confirmed booking for The Plough  for the cruise. Nipped out to top up coal supplies in the afternoon, then had a quiet remainder to the day.

Sunday 28th January ~ Bosworth Marina

Went to Hopwas Chapel for their morning service, on yet another lovely sunny day. Lovely service with Sue Hambly. Had a brief chat with Brian about Easter, and it transpires they cannot host a lunch for us after the service - shame, but understandable with families wanting to be together at Easter.

Had a long chat with Sarah on the phone and some great ideas were formed. Emailed Rev Andrew to get his thoughts.

Saturday 27th January ~ Bosworth Marina

Another sunny day, today, but even colder than yesterday. Took a drive to St Chad's at Hopwas to 'check in' with them about the cruise - Keith (church warden) said Rev. Andrew very keen and would be speaking to him on Monday. Contacted St Paul's by email, but they say they will not be having a service there on the Thursday - I'll have to look elsewhere.

Friday 26th January ~ Bosworth Marina

The wind picked up again late yesterday evening and blew fairly strong overnight, but calmed again by breakfast. A beautiful sunny day throughout, although cold. Mentally far more alert, but physically drained. Managed to clear the loo and top up the water over the morning. After a rest after lunch, I felt up to a drive to Hinckley for perishables. Finished the afternoon pottering.

Thursday 25th January ~ Bosworth Marina

After a great night's sleep, woke feeling better again. Pottered for the morning and actually had a proper lunch. Snoozed again for the afternoon in the hope of regaining some of that lost at the beginning of the week.

Wednesday 24th January ~ Bosworth Marina

Yet another windy night, and woke felling much improved (but anything but right). Took a trip to Ventura (Tamworth) for Sainsbury's own-brand items, but got back very tired so, after lunch, snoozed for the remainder of the afternoon. Had a proper dinner, although a smaller portion than normal - no ill effects. The wind had died away so we had a calmer night.

Tuesday 23rd January ~ Bosworth Marina

The wind had picked up again yesterday as Storm Jocelyn passed by, and I had yet another disturbed night. When the heating went on, I was feeling very rough! Stayed in bed until nearly 10:00, and having a bout of diarrhoea on rising. Went out for essential stores, and while out got an appointment for the optician, before returning to "Paws". Felt horrible, with more diarrhoea, during the day. Out again in the afternoon for the optician's appointment (no change in prescription, great!) and back for a small bite of dinner and early bed.

Monday 22nd January ~ Drive South

After a horrendous night of wind from Storm Isha (with little sleep), the wind had dropped a bit and I was awake early. Decided to keep to plan and travel south. Away from the house by 06:30 with the torrential rain ceased and a lot less wind than over night. Noted a number of lorries overturned by the wind, and a section of the M6 was shut for their recovery. With the delay for that and other delays encountered, I eventually arrived at "Paws" at 15:30.

With a chat to our new neighbour, "Wobbly", I got the car unpacked and everything up and running again. Noted that the chimney which was on the roof, but chained down, had been blown away, but that was the only damage. Had dinner, watched a bit of TV, then went to bed early.


01-21 January ~ At the house

"Paws" laid up for the first part of the month, with a view to me returning south around the 14th.

Fhi, who had been across for a holiday over Christmas, returned to Italy on 7th. I completed the last part of fitting a camera, light and video doorbell at the front.

All planned jobs done

Managed to get some forward-planning done for our cruise this year.

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