This Month's Totals and Average
45.29 miles 13 locks 22.09 hrs 2.64 lmph

  April 2024

Wednesday 24th April ~ Bosworth Marina

Up and on the move promptly on Wednesday to collect my car in Erdington - a lovely sunny morning. Car all ready, very efficient service at the garage, car immaculately valeted. Back at "Paws" by lunchtime. Afternoon spent putting stuff back into car (satnav, dashcam etc). Gas bottle changed.

Tuesday 23rd April ~ Bosworth Marina

Tuesday started fine and sunny, but clouded over with a hint of rain by lunchtime. Shopping trip to Lidl, Sainsbury and B&M in the morning. Garage emailed in the morning to say the car was ready. Logged onto the DVLA website at lunchtime, to find the MoT registered so lifted the SORN Declaration - ready to drive away tomorrow. Water topped up.

19th-21st April ~ Bosworth Marina

Rain greeted us Friday morning, but it quickly cleared to sunny spells. Had a long telephone catch-up with Fhi in Italy during the morning, then genealogy, crafting and knitting during the afternoon.

Lovely day all day Saturday. Spent the day on genealogy (having got information about an ancestor from MyHeritage). Pat mostly did knitting and reading. Took a walk round the marina (for exercise). Nothing heard from the garage.

Pat took another 'silly turn' so didn't join me for the service at Alrewas Sunday morning. Back to "Paws" for lunch, then out to Alrewas again mid-afternoon (with Pat) for the "Village Songs of Praise" at All Saints. Lovely sunny day throughout.

The rain was back again on Monday. Got a bit of cleaning done, then had a quiet remainder to the day. The rain died out during the evening.

12th-18th April ~ Bosworth Marina

Pat took another "silly turn" after breakfast on Friday so not a lot got done in the morning. After lunch we prepped the dinner (marinade) for tomorrow night, then went out for kindling and coal (still not warm enough to do without the fire last thing at night). No news yet from the garage concerning my car. A bright day although the sun never really got through.

Saturday morning, we took a drive to Hopwas, to St Chad's for coffee. Getting back just in time for lunch, we spent the afternoon doing prep-work then finally cooking a from-scratch curry. A sunny day to start, but it clouded over mid-to-late afternoon.

A beautiful sunny morning on Sunday. Headed through to Alrewas for the service (Communion) with Rev.Jo. Late lunch on return, then a quiet afternoon. Water topped up. Sun stayed out all day.

Overnight into Monday, we had thunderstorms, torrential rain, and gale-force winds. "Paws" was bounced around alongside the pontoon - not comfortable at times. The rain and wind continued through the day so we never ventured out. Generally pottered around inside.

Tuesday was an improvement - the rain only came in showers with the sun out in between, but the wind remained high. Another day of pottering. Garage rang to advise the automatic clutch actuator had failed (approved to fix) but had no knowledge of the exhaust/emmissions problem) - I await an update!

Wednesday morning, garage emailed but still didn't really understand the situation - I await another update! Sun out, but still windy. A further update on the car came later in the day - parts will arrive over the next few days. A bit of cleaning was done, but we generally pottered again. Rain arrived just before dinnertime.

After a cold night (1°C) overnight into Thursday, day dawned with wall-to-wall sunshine. We decided we would start of round of visiting nearby places we hadn't yet been to - today we decided on the Staffordshire Regiment Museum . This turned out to be a fascinating insight into the history of the Regiment, from its raising in 1705, through many campaigns (including China. India, American War on Independence, Peninsula War, Crimea, both world wars and into Afganistan. They have a replica trench, some artillary and a children's "camp" (play-area).The one thing missing was a café (not enough volunteers to even man the WVS Mobile Canteen to effect). Returning to "Paws" with the sun receding, we tucked in again for the day. Rain arrived before bedtime.

Thursday 11th April ~ Bosworth Marina

Today was spent going round the specialist food shops. After a slow start on a lovely sunny day, we headed out to Four Shires Farm Shop  in Seckington, specialising in fruit and veg. From there, we headed into Tamworth for fuel and own-brand products at Sainsbury (the Hinckley shop didn't have what we wanted earlier in the week). Time was starting to get on by this stage so we headed to Leicestershire Handmade Cheese Co  at Sparkenhoe Farm. Got our cheese stocks and had lunch at their café (cheese toasties ).

After lunch, we headed down towards Stoke Golding to Spinneybank Farm  for our meat requirements before returning to "Paws".

9th-10th April ~ Bosworth Marina

Tuesday saw us out shopping again, at Morrison's this time. Wind and rain back again - when do we get spring? Back to "Paws" in time for lunch, then clearing away the shopping. I emptied my car ready for collection tomorrow to go to the garage for repair.

Up promptly on Wednesday (in case the car-transporter arrived early) on a beautiful sunny morning. The van arrived around 09:30 and took the car away, by which time it had clouded over. Increasingly heavy rain set in late morning. Quiet afternoon reading/knitting.

Monday 8th April ~ Stoke Golding to Market Bosworth

A far better morning than the last few days - the wind had dropped and the day was bright, if cooler again. On the move by 09:30 for the last section back to base. Headed out of Stoke Golding and past Dadlington, Sutton Cheney and Shenton. As wee passed Dadlington, we heard and saw flocks of skylarks in the fields, ascending and landing. arriving at Market Bosworth just before lunch, we moored up on our berth.

Once we had lunch, we cleared down from the trip and headed out shopping. By the time we had negotiated a diversion round the town, and been to Lidl and Sainsbury, we headed back and put the purchases away, before dinner time. Rain arrived again during the evening.

6.02 miles 0 locks 2.45 hrs 2.46 lmph
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Sunday 7th April ~ Stoke Golding (en route to Market Bosworth)

A very windy night, continuing into the day. We wouldn't get "Paws" into the marina due to the wind, so decided we might as well stay put. At least we have sun on the panels, TV, and a dry towpath here. Had a quiet day for my birthday. The wind finally started to ease late evening.

Saturday 6th April ~ Marston to Stoke Golding (en route to Market Bosworth)

Last night's blackie was back this morning, singing his heart out from 05:30! None of the heavy rain that had been forecast for overnight; a sunny (but still windy) start to the day.

A slow start, but finally on the move just before 10:00, continuing the short distance to Marston Junction, where we turned left for the run up the Ashby Canal towards base. Headed north through the rolling fields, although the wind made steering difficult at times. Continued past Bulkington and the hamlets of Bramcote and Burton Hastings into the outskirts of Hinckley, passing under the A5. Leaving Hinckley behind, we continued to Stoke Golding with lunch on the move, mooring just north of Willow Marina (Ashby Canal Centre) for the day.

The sun remained out for the rest of the day, and it could have been very pleasant but for the wind. Having completed the diary and maps for the day, we had a quiet afternoon and evening.

9.61 miles 0 locks 3.63 hrs 2.64 lmph
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Friday 5th April ~ Atherstone Top to Marston (en route to Market Bosworth)

After a night of very heavy rain, a warm, sunny morning, although with a moderate breeze, greeted us. Pat had a funny turn just after breakfast and went back to bed while I was sent into town to do the emergency shopping. On my return, she was feeling better, and I got "Paws" on the move.

We headed out of Atherstone, but stopped again at Hartshill to top up the water. With lunch on the move, we then continued southwards past Mancetter into Nuneaton, with its allotments strung along the canalside. By this time, the wind had strengthened (Storm Kathleen making its presence felt). Clearing the southern end of Nuneaton, we moored just after Bridge 17. We were glad to get moored up as the wind was not pleasant by now, and short showers of rain had set in.

Once moored, I got the diary and maps back up to date - the faulty mast in Atherstone prevented communication last night.

We were serenaded for over two hours before sunset by a blackbird - lovely song.

7.55 miles 0 locks 3.02 hrs 2.50 lmph
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Thursday 4th April ~ Atherstone Bottom to Atherstone Top (en route to Market Bosworth)

Up and on the move promptly, wanting to get up the flight today, then on to base. Unfortunately, every lock was against us and it was a slow run. The towpath was thick mud most of the way, so walking between locks was also slow. Had a very brief stop in the King's Head pound for a seat and a bite of lunch then continued up. There was no sign of any CRT Volunteers anywhere on the flight.

Apart from a short shower while we were stopped for lunch, the day was mostly sunny, at least making the weather reasonable.

Arriving at the top, we found only two spaces in the section between bridges 41 and 40, so we moored up nearer Bridge 40 late afternoon.

1.82 miles 11 locks 3.67 hrs 3.50 lmph
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Wednesday 3rd April ~ Fazeley to Atherstone Bottom (en route to Market Bosworth)

Had arranged to have a video catch-up with Fhi as soon as we were up and dressed. Connected at 09:30 and had a good 'chin-wag' about events over the past week, comparing Easter here and in Italy.

Once we'd finished, we got on the move, continuing our way back to base with lunch on the move. Headed east out of Fazeley through Kettlebrook and Amington, past Alvecote and Polesworth, mooring at the foot of the Atherstone Flight (11 locks) - we will attack them tomorrow.

After a fine, bright start to the day, a light drizzle had set in by lunchtime. The afternoon gave only a few short glimpses of the sun, and a few light showers of drizzle, but a rising cold wind - glad to get inside and warmed up .

8.02 miles 2 locks 3.62 hrs 2.77 lmph
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Tuesday 2nd April ~ Huddlesford to Fazeley (en route to Market Bosworth)

Mark 16: verse 15

We said our goodbyes last night - two teams having come by car to the meal, mooring their boats elsewhere. This morning the remaining three boats parted for our separate ways.

We stayed until lunchtime so that we could connect with our friends at All Saints Church, Redhouse, Doncaster for our monthly e-coffee and catchup.

As soon as the conference-call was finished, we let go, and I reversed "Paws" back to the Junction, winded, and headed off on our return journey to base. With lunch on the move, we headed back through Whittington and Hopwas to Fazeley, where I dropped Pat at the Junction to go shopping while I took "Paws" to Fazeley Marina to top up water, empty the loo and dump rubbish.

Once services were complete, I took "Paws" back to the Junction and turned right. Pat was waiting for me at our chosen mooring.

The beautiful sunny morning slowly turned cloudy, but there was no rain during the day. As the clouds built, it grew cooler. The rain arrived late evening, continuing overnight with heavy showers.

7.92 miles 0 locks 3.68 hrs 2.16 lmph
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Monday 1st April ~ Hopwas to Huddlesford (BCF Easter Cruise)

For the final day of our BCF cruise, we started with a damp, dreary day. I was off the boat early to accompany Sarah to the winding hole and see "Joshua" safely turned. I was dropped off as we passed the mooring again. With Sarah safely on her way home, and a chat with Peter, Pat and I had an early lunch then got on our way.

The day became sunnier as we headed north through Whittington, arriving at Huddlesford Junction in a warm afternoon. Moored at The Plough  for a final evening meal together - Sarah and her team and Stephen & Gwyneth drove up to be with us. Fantastic meal - great company! loveely way to finish the week.

4.35 miles 0 locks 2.03 hrs 2.14 lmph
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