Our Boat - Section Views

Multi-use Room

photo of room from forwardphoto of room from aftThe rearmost cabin section is 10ft long and covers a variety of uses. It has a 3ft single bed, which extends to a 4ft (boat) double using extra squabs stored down the back. When stowed away, there is room for a small dining table which can seat four - the table is stored on its side (with its legs) under the gunwale at the side door. There is a small fold-out table which can be used in conjunction with the dining table for condiments, extra plates etc. This small table also doubles as the support for a larger table which folds down from the cross-bulkhead - this could be used as a craft table, for a sewing machine, drawing, modelling etc. In the back right corner is a drawer which houses a computer desk with fold-up screen and drop-down keyboard. There are the same overhead lockers, drawers under the bed, and wardrobe and drawers at the foot of the bed. There is also a "quick grab" locker for waterproofs. The boat-electrics are also housed in this room.

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