Our Boat - "Paws 4 Thought"

The Boat

Taken at Aston Marina

"Paws" is a 60 foot 'semi-trad' narrowboat built on a shell by Tyler/Wilson and fitted out by The Top Notch Boat Company. She has a beam of 6ft 10in, and a maximum draft of 2ft 3in.

'Paws' from the bow 'Paws' from astern


Plan of interior layout Outer Doors Engine Gauges Engine Controls Locker Gas Locker Rear Door Electrical Locker 'Office' Wardrobe Linen store Shower Loo Vanity Unit Wardrobe Galley Storage Side Hatch Stove TV Unit Locker Front Door Forward Hatch Galley workspace Engine (under) Multi-use Room Shower room Main Bedroom Galley Area Saloon Area Cratch Area

Please mouse-over the diagram for more information about the different areas.

Forward locker
- storage for things not used often, including the anchor
- area outside the accommodation, but with a tarpaulin cover. Approx 4ft long on "Paws", this provides cross-seating over storage and bow-thrust tunnel
- this 1st space inside the "front door" is approx 11ft long and has seating for relaxation. It has a coal/log stove, fold-out TV, sound system, and space for the 3rd (live) member of our team (my guinea pig)
- about 9ft long, ours is "U"-shaped with a gas 5-ring hob, gas oven and grill, domestic fridge and washing machine
- the main bedroom is 10ft long and has a 4ft "boat" double bed. This can be extended to a full 5ft double if required. There are drawers under the bed, overhead lockers for storage, and a wardrobe. A small freezer is also under the bed
Shower Room
- we elected to have a walk-through shower room. Whilst this means that the boat is cut in half when the room is in use, it provides more space whilst using the "facilities". Ours has a standard 800mm quadrant shower, a small wash-basin on a vanity unit (with storage under), and a cassette-type loo. The whole room is only 6ft long (but would need to be longer if a corridor were present)
Multi-Use Room
- the remaining 10ft is given over to a room that has several uses. It has a 3ft single bed which can be extended to a 4ft (boat) double; there is a small office desk available in one corner; and a portable table can be brought through to create a dining area
Semi-Trad Stern
- the area outside the rear doors houses lockers for gas cylinders, mooring gear and other items, but their tops provide seating as "company" for the steerer. The enclosed sides and outer doors provide some shelter in poor weather as well as giving the boat a more traditional look from the side
- "Paws" is powered by a Barrus "Shire 45" engine in a soundproofed engine compartment under the after deck. There is also some storage space in this compartment
Internal Decor
- We decided to use Karndean  flooring as it would be hardwearing, and our choice of three woods for the internal panelling (cherry, oak and maple).
- As you may have guessed, our theme is Teddies!

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