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Painting and Signwriting

Teddies - lots of them! We wanted to keep the traditional look of the company and name panels at the rear, but have a bit of fun with the theme.

photo of 'company board'photo of 'name panel'photo of pawprints on roof

The "Company Board" mimics the old carrier's name although we do not 'charter' the boat out. There is a type of charter in maritime circles where you hire just the boat; no crew no fuel no stores. This is called a 'bareboat charter', thus we got the twist to 'bearboat'.

The 'name panel' again mimics the idea of the old carriers, where there was the boat's name and its fleet number. In our case, we made the twist from 'pause' to 'paws', and put the number '4' in the centre to look like a fleet number (although this is actually the sixth boat Top Notch have built).

We asked for pawprints on the roof, thinking of having the non-slip coating for the prints, but the prints would have been too big. The signwriter suggested a minimalist view on the side (just a half dozen at the front) leading to the roof. He then suggested that the whole roof be done in the non-slip, with the pawprints in gloss as if the teddy had run along the roof. Brilliant idea!

photo of first porthole graphicphoto of second porthole graphicphoto of shower-room porthole graphic

photo of galley window graphic
This is the first boat that we know of that has sliding shutters which retract within the thickness of the side bulkheads. The three porthole graphics (above) are used on both sides, with the mummy/baby bear used in the shower-room, and the two single bears used in the bedrooms. The galley has the teddybears' picnic graphic (left).

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