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Stern Area

photo of stern areaThere are three main types of stern area - Cruiser, Traditional, and Semi-traditional. The Cruiser Stern gives a large open deck space at the rear for families to gather and is typically used on hire boats. The engine is usually under this deck. The Traditional Stern takes the cabin sides almost to the rear of the boat, the extra covered space (about 7ft) historically being used as the "boatman's cabin" where the family lived (in front of this would be the "engine 'ole", the remainder of the length being used for cargo. The Semi-trad tries to provide the best of both worlds. The cabin sides are continued to the rear (making the boat look more traditional, but the cabin space is only partially extended. The engine is usually under the deck. The smaller enclosed deck area provides room for company for the steerer, and also (along with the outer doors) better shelter in poor weather, but there is some gain on inside cabin space. On "Paws", this area is about 4ft 6in and has lockers each side (one for the two 6kg gas bottles, the other for mooring equipment. These lockers provide seating for those outside. The Counter outside the outer doors is about 3ft and provides access at the rear of the boat.

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