Canal Background Notes

Aylesbury Arm (GJC)

Initial Act1794
First Use1815
Length6.25 mile
 Grand Junction C.Marsworth Jct


Enacted under same provision as the Wendover Arm , it was completed in 1815 after much argument over its use. Originally intended as a link to the Thames at Abingdon, this idea was dropped, mostly due to water concerns. The basin at Aylesbury is owned by Aylesbury Vale District Council, but the Aylesbury Canal Society (formed in 1971) hold the lease until 2018.


photo of Aylesbury Arm basinAlthough a narrow canal, it is mostly well dredged (2014). The line descends rapidly with locks roughly every half-mile, starting with a staircase pair at Marsworth Junction. A total of 16 locks take one to the basin at Aylesbury. Mooring is possible over much of the first half, but becomes poorer towards the end, particularly on the longest pound between Locks 13 and 14 which is also much shallower and well overgrown with reed. The basin is almost new, with work still ongoing. There are plenty of visitor moorings with rings. New pontoons (for permanent moorings?) are being installed, and a new services berth is also being fitted out. Waitrose is quayside.

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