Our first grandchild

Wednesday 12th July 2017 ~ Great Bedwyn

photo of aria with Mum and Dad
Mum, Dad and Aria flew down via Glasgow and Bristol to visit us aboard. We had no knowledge they were coming, although Fhi was also in on the surprise. They turned up in a hired car at Great Bedwyn.

At 7 months, Aria can now pull herself up to standing, using anything she can get her hands round. Very energetic, and very inquisitive. Had no bother (apparently) with the flight south, and none with the movement of the boat.

We had coffee/lunch when they arrived and chatted, Aria taking in everything that was going on. Had a wander round the village - the intention was that Aria would have a snooze to be fit for a late night, but that wasn't going to happen! Returned to "Paws" (where she had a quick nap) before we all went out for dinner. Aria sat in the pub-provided high-chair and tucked into mashed-up potato, sausage and peas.

They had a hotel booked for the night in Bristol, and were to fly back tomorrow. Fantastic surprise for us, and great seeing them all.

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