The Wedding

Friday 25th March 2016 - Kilconquer Castle Estate, Fife

photo of Bride and Groomphoto of Bride and Groom, with Bride's parentsphoto of Bride and Groom, with Bride's brother Kenneyphoto of Bride and Groom, with Best Man and Man-of-Honour and their respective wives

The date was chosen because it was Fhi's grandmother's birthday.

Fhi and Nick had realised that they could not have things the way they wanted with the Registrar present - certain 'necessaries' have to be included for legal reasons. They therefore went to the registry office in Kirkcaldy late morning to get the 'legal necessities' out of the way, allowing them free rein later in the day. The only ones present at the Registry Office were those necessary in law - the Bride, the Groom, the two witnesses (Best Man, and Man-of-Honour), and the Registrar - and the 'ceremony' was as short as possible. The four then repaired to Kilconquer Castle Eastate where they were able to have the 'real' ceremony, in the manner they wished (Fhi is a follower of the old pagan religion, Wicca), in the company of their friends.

Fhi and Nick wrote the whole Hand-Fasting themselves, including their vows to each other. It was light-hearted, but loving, reflecting the way they see themselves and each other. Fhi's brother, Kenney, acted as Master-of-Ceremonies, guiding us through the afternoon, which included Scottish Country Dance music from a local accordianist (James Coutts), and two poems read by friends of the couple. The Bride and Groom each tied a cord round the other's wrist as they each made their vows, the ends of the two cords then being tied together by Kenney as the bond was sealed. (Historical note: this is the origin of the phrase 'tying the knot' meaning to get married.) The couple then kissed and made their exit to the foyer, in the process, stepping over a broom and a sword, symbolising sweeping away the old and forging and protecting the strong new bond between them. Photographs were then taken on the steps as it turned out a lovely day.

Dinner was a three-course menu, with soup or salmon to start, steak or chicken for main, and lemon cupcake for dessert - all beautifully cooked, well presented, and delicious.

Once the room had again been reset, the Cake (in the form of a tank, Nick is an afficionado) was cut, and the evening continued with music selected by the couple, interspersed with ceilidh dances. Everyone appeared to enjoy the whole day, especially the bride, whom I've never seen so happy in her life.

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