Information about the maps

What are the maps?

The supplied maps show the explorations of "Paws 4 Thought" since launch (it is a work-in-progress, and some parts are not yet complete).

There is a map for each year, showing each day's movement and overnight mooring. Two combination maps show our total travel (one showing just the maroon tracks, the other displaying overnight stops as a differing colour per year). There is also a map showing our plans for the current year - where we hope we might go.

The background for these is a map of the interconnected waterways around which "Paws" could travel - there are some waterways where locks are too short, water is too shallow, or bridges/tunnels have insufficient headroom. There is also a layer showing junctions with their historic names. I have generally used the original names for canals - those under which they were enacted. The historical notes show how they became the canals we know today. In the index bar on the maps, I have grouped canals under a shortened modern name (eg SU = Shropshire Union) to assist those less familiar with the old names.

A separate map is supplied showing all the connected waterways (including those "Paws" can't get to). This includes abandoned, derelict, or infilled waterways, some of which are under restoration. New projects and alterations of line during restoration are also shown where known.

On each map is a marker (an anchor) showing our home-mooring (This is on a separate layer and can be turned off if desired).

Key to colours for lines on waterway maps

dk green   narrow canal (locks less than 7ft)
dk orange   broad canal (locks over 7ft, but not necessarily to "widebeam" size)
lt blue   non-tidal river/navigation
dk blue   tidal river
yellow   derelict, abandoned, or under restoration (currently un-navigable)
lilac   new modern project, or adjusted route of restoration
maroon   any track travelled by "Paws"

Key to shapes on 'overnights' maps

circle   overnight stop during 'summer cruise'
square   overnight stop while single-handing over winter period
diamond   turning point during a day's run
star   at home marina
small dot   at home marina (laid up)

Construction & Functionality

The maps supplied on this site are constructed using Google MyMaps©, which has some limitations - there is a maximum of only 10 layers, and no line can have more than 100 points (other limitations apply but do not affect us). The '100 points' limitation means that a couple of the longer canals are not as accurately mapped as I would wish (although tracks generally are 'correct' as they rarely fall foul of the limitation). The '10 layer' limitation has meant I cannot get overnight stops onto the 'totals' map (hence individual years). It should be noted that "roads view" on Google does not exactly match "satellite view" when it comes to "watery bits". My lines have generally been drawn using "satellite view" so may appear to go over land if viewing in "roads view".

The embedded map can be taken to full-screen by clicking the symbol top-right. The sidebar menu can be accessed by clicking the symbol top-left. Zoom functions are located bottom-left. Layers can be switched on/off as desired using the side-menu. Clicking on a line or marker will open the sidebar with extra information. "Satellite view" can be accessed at the bottom of the side-menu.


Information concerning old routes, derelict/abandoned canals, the routes of restoration and new projects, and historical background have been taken from -


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