2020 Plans

Post Covid-19 Plans

With the UK now coming out of lockdown, we can now create plans to make the best of the rest of this summer. All the festivals we had planned to attend have been cancelled/postponed by the organisers.

Having returned to "Paws" on July 4th and had our daughter visiting us for a week 12-17 July, we have about 9 weeks before we must be at Burton for a pre-booked drydocking. Our daughter has announced that she would like to visit again mid-September. Our current plan is to head for Middlewich and across the Branch. From there, we plan to go southwards to Stourport, down the Severn to Worcester, then back through Birrmingham to base. We may take a shortcut via the Droitwich canals (which we haven't been on before), or if time is against us we could come back via Black Delph and the Dudley Canals.

Update 16 Aug - Time restraints preclude the extensions to Worcester or Droitwich - heading via Stourbridge and The Delph


Key to main waterway colours
dk green   narrow canal
dk orange   broad canal
dk blue   tidal river
lt blue   non-tidal river


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