Battle of Bosworth

photo of sundial at Bosworth
The Battle of Bosworth took place on 22 August 1485, between the armies of King Richard III and King Henry VII. Although Richard was still technically King, Henry managed to persuade Parliament to declare him king before he set off to fight Richard, thus two kings headed their respective armies. Richard was killed during the battle (he was the last monarch to be killed in action). The battle effectively marked the end of the War of the Roses.

Until recently it was thought that the site of the battle was at Ambion Hill (hence the Heritage Centre  at that location), but archeological evidence now suggests it was probably to the southwest of that, nearer Dadlington.

The Heritage Centre hosts a number of displays (including audio-visual) concerning the background to the Battle and the War of the Roses, along with information on the course of the battle, armament, life at the time, and the archeology of the site. There are a number of 'walks' around the area.

The Centre is easily accessible from the canal, mooring at Shenton Aqueduct and walking through Shenton Station . Discounts available booking on-line.

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