"Railworld", Peterborough

photo of 'garden' railwayphoto of OO layout

photo of OO layout
When the disused coal tip at Peterborough was to be cleared, Brian Pearce decided to follow the example of his former company, Perkins, and turn it into a wildlife haven and recreation area. As it was right next to Peterborough station and the Nene Valley Railway, he used a railway theme, calling it Railworld .

The 'park' now covers a small area at the NVR station, with static exhibits of railed transport (including a coach from the world's first commercial MagLev (Magnetic Levitation) train which ran in Birmingham between 1984 and 1995), and a small garden railway. There is a larger area on the other side of the river (crossed by a private footbridge) which has an audio-visual centre (films of old locos) and children's activities, a viewing platform looking over the rails to Peterborough station, and a model railway shed with three layout (the engines on the Thomas layout can be controlled by children (or adults)). There is also a wildlife garden with walks through the trees and past small streams and waterfalls - very peaceful, and wildlife friendly.

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