Chester Zoo

Mooring for Chester Zoo  is immediately northeast of Bridge 134, where there are rings available. To walk to the zoo, leave the towpath and head away from the bridge, veering right onto the bridle path (do not go up the hill on the main road). This will bring you out at the car park. There are discounts for buying tickets on line in advance (and you skip the queue).

The zoo has a wide selection of animals on show, highlighting the many conservation projects in which they are involved. They are also involved in breeding programs, and many of the animals had young at the time of our visit, including red pandas, tapir, elephants, and giraffes.

Provision for visitors is good, with numerous stalls of ice-creams, drinks and gifts, a restaurant, and food court. Toilets are plentiful.

photo of monorail
An overhead monorail can be utilised to get a 'tour' of the site. A boat trip is available for a 'sail round the islands'. There are plenty of activities for children.

Here are photos of some of the animals we saw on our visit . . . . .
photo of elephantsphoto of owl

photo of magpiephoto of tapir

photo of giraffephoto of flamingo

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