Coventry, West Midlands


Coventry is a city with an illustrious industrial history. James Brindley planned the canal which bears the city's name and runs into the canal basin in the heart of the modern city. Bicycle manufacture was to have a big impact on industry, leading to motorcycle and car production - all started as blacksmith-shop manufacturing before the Great War intervened leading to munitions work and other war commodities. When manufacturing recommenced, Coventry had to follow the lead of the USA into "production line" manufacturing. Hillman, Triumph and Daimler, to name but three, had large factories in the area.

Coventry prospered between the wars, and when World War II broke out, the city once again went to war-work production. Hitler had other ideas, and on the night of 14th Nov 1940 he decimated the city, including the mediaeval cathedral. After the war, the city once again rebuilt itself and its industries.

Transport Museum

Coventry has one of the best British-transport museums  in the country. All the vehicles on display are British, having been made in the Coventry area. The museum was started after Samuel Bartleet gifted the City of Coventry his own private collection of bicycles. The story of wheeled transport is told throughout the exhibitions from the earliest velocipede to the World Land Speed Record car, "Thrust II". Children are made especially welcome with a special video character to follow. Entry is free.

Cejai's Teddy Bears & Dolls Houses

Cejai's of Coventry , the teddy bear and dolls' house shop, is worth a visit for all of us who love cuddly toys which are for display purposes. Set in the middle of mediaeval Spon Street is a restored 14th century building. The owner is very knowledgable and very helpful. A 'must' visit.

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