Real-time Tracker

"Paws" was launched at Aston Marina on Tuesday 8th April 2014 for her trials and official handover. She then moved to her official "home mooring" at Fazeley Mill Marina, just outside Tamworth. We are now out-and-about exploring the waterway system.

Originally, there was a link on this page to find out our actual location in real time. As part of the upgrading of our site to permit secure https connection, I found that the "Water Explorer" website doesn't fully comply with https so I have been forced to link directly  to the page rather than embed it here. "Paws" should be shown as a yellow dot in the center of the map. It is suggested that if you wish to check on us regularly, you could add a bookmark to your favourites. I apologise that the dates shown on our 'tooltip' are in American style - this is unfortunately beyond our control.

Details of the planning and tracking software  are also available.


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